Fridrikh Ermler – Velikiy perelom AKA The Great Turning Point (1945)

World War II. German high command accumulates enormous forces for the assault. Soviet troops commanded by General Muravyov repulse the enemy attacks. Soviet army scouts find out the exact day and time of the decisive offensive. Muravyov is determined to forestall the Nazis and plasters the enemy with fire. All is quiet. Will the fascist troops weakened by the surprise fire begin their offensive or put off the attack? Read More »

John Ford – Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend (1976)

A documentary about Lt. Gen. Lewis “Chesty” Puller, USMC. Interviews, combat footage, parade at Virginia Military Institute. Made for TV, but never sold or released. Read More »

Lev Arnshtam – Zoya (1944)

Zoya is the inspirational true story of one of Russia’s most beloved national heroines. During the Nazi siege of Moscow, a fearless 18-year-old girl named Zoya risked her life as a partisan fighter. Captured by the Germans, Zoya endured unspeakable tortures at the hands of the Gestapo but still refused to betray her comrades. Even on the gallows, Zoya defiantly spoke out against the Nazis and everything they stood for. In a series of flashbacks, this film re-creates not merely Zoya’s death, but also her life. Galina Vodiantiskaya plays the title character as an adult, while Katia Skvortsova enacts the younger Zoya. The film’s English-language version was prepared by Howard Fast, who was later egregiously blacklisted for his “pro-Red” activities. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Read More »

Giuliano Montaldo – Tempo di uccidere AKA Time to Kill (1989)

In 1936, when Ethiopia is being invaded by the Italian army, Lieutenant Silvestri sets off for the nearest camp hospital to take care of a toothache. En route he meets a young Ethiopian girl, which leads to a tragic course of events that devastates his entire life. Read More »

Mantas Kvedaravicius – Mariupolis [Cut] (2016)

A man repairs his shing net and goes out to the bridge. Two trams run into each other – nobody is hurt and cables are xed the same day. A small concert is given for factory workers and the sincere performance of a violinist makes them cry. Bombs fall into the sea, no one notices. Read More »

D.W. Griffith – His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant (1911)

A Confederate officer is called off to war. He leaves his wife and daughter in the care of George, his faithful Negro servant. After the officer is killed in an exciting battle sequence, George continues in his caring duties, faithful to his trust. Events continue to turn for the worse when invading Yankee soldiers arrive to loot and torch the widow’s home. George saves the officer’s daughter and battle sword by braving the flames. Read More »

Ingrid Sinclair – Flame (1996)

The 1970s in the former Rhodesia, today Zimbabwe: The native people are rising up against their white suppressors. As the war reaches even the most distant villages, the two friends Florence and Nyasha join the fighters and assume new names – Flame and Liberty. But the war is not as easy as they thought. Read More »