• Bob Chinn – Lipps & McCain (1978)

    1971-1980Bob ChinnEroticaUSAWestern

    A rancher hires two ne’er-do-well cowboys to hunt coyotes. When the pair is joined by a runaway bride, they find themselves under pursuit by an assortment of bad guys.Read More »

  • James Neilson – Return of the Gunfighter (1966)

    1961-1970James NeilsonUSAWestern

    Robert Taylor gives one of his best performances in this action-packed Western adventure costarring Chad Everett. Ben Wyatt (Taylor) has had a belly full of guns. Released from prison five years after being wrongfully convicted of murder, the aging gunman wants only to live in peace. But when he’s summoned to help an old friend and his wife who are shot before he can get there, Wyatt and their daughter (Ana Martin) set out to find the killers, unaware the young gunslinger (Everett) who rides with them is the brother of the man behind the murders.Read More »

  • Robert Aldrich – Apache (1954)

    1951-1960Robert AldrichUSAWestern

    Apache was based on Paul I. Wellman’s novel Broncho Apache, which in turn was inspired by a true story. Burt Lancaster plays Massai, a lieutenant of the great Apache warrior Geronimo (here depicted as an old man, played by Monte Blue). Though his tribe has signed surrender terms with the conquering whites, Massai refuses to do so. He escapes from a prison train and conducts a one-man war against the white intruders-and against some of his own people. Along the way, he claims Nalinle (Jean Peters), whom he previously regarded as a traitor to his cause, as his wife. John McIntire plays famed Indian scout Al Sieber, who-in this film, if not in real life-is sympathetic to the Indians’ plight and Massai’s single-purposed cause. The real-life counterpart to Massai was killed by Sieber’s minions after agreeing to call off the hostilies; United Artists objected to this, forcing producer/star Burt Lancaster to shoot an unconvincingly happy ending.Read More »

  • Sam Wood – Ambush (1950)

    1941-1950ClassicsSam WoodUSAWestern

    The U.S. Cavalry knows that traveling the unmapped Arizona Territory canyons and trails in search of a woman kidnapped by Apaches could mean riding into a trap. So they ask the help of Ward Kinman, a prospector and scout who knows both the terrain and the ways of the warring tribesmen. Nearly a decade after Billy the Kid, Robert Taylor saddled up a second time and portrayed Kinman in Ambush, the film that began his steady string of work in a genre that suited him like a Colt .45 tucked easy into hip leather. Marguerite Roberts (True Grit) offers a script filled with blazing action and romantic subplots. Among the co-stars: Chief Thundercloud (Tonto in The Lone Ranger serials of 1938 and 1939). From Warner Brothers!Read More »

  • Henry Hathaway – North to Alaska (1960)

    1951-1960ComedyHenry HathawayUSAWestern

    John Wayne is generally credited with having directed only one picture, the 1960 version of The Alamo, but according to several reports, Wayne also “lent a hand” in getting his other 1960 film, the raucous if unfocused and overlong North to Alaska, shot as well. North to Alaska had a rather troubled pre-production history, which in fact included Wayne’s involvement with The Alamo, which delayed production of this film for several months. Those delays may have at least contributed to a rather convoluted revolving door of producers, directors and co-stars, and by many accounts, there was no completed script ready when North to Alaska finally started shooting in mid 1960. The film has serious structure issues, and indeed often seems to have been cobbled together out of set pieces, with no real thought given to through line or that oft-lamented concept of character arc. Read More »

  • Jim Wynorski – Hard Bounty (1995)

    1991-2000EroticaJim WynorskiUSAWestern

    After years of bringing in desperadoes more dead than alive, Martin B. Kanning, a notorious bounty hunter, hangs up his guns to become the owner of Boomtown Saloon. However, owning a business isn’t the vacation he envisioned, as he finds himself the mediator to a bevy of working girls, including Donnie, a curvaceous fireball with whom he takes a very personal interest. When one of the girls is brutally murdered by a local land baron, Kanning finds himself caught between the law and three bad girls wielding Colt .45s and a bitter taste for revenge. He rides off in hot pursuit of the killer with Donnie and the others, ensuring that justice will be served. It all climaxes with a nerve-shattering, three-way shootout at high noon in this fast-moving Western that helps put the “wild” back into the Wild West.Read More »

  • Cecil B. DeMille – Union Pacific (1939) (HD)

    1931-1940Cecil B. DeMilleUSAWestern

    One of the last bills signed by President Lincoln authorizes pushing the Union Pacific Railroad across the wilderness to California. But financial opportunist Asa Barrows hopes to profit from obstructing it. Chief troubleshooter Jeff Butler has his hands full fighting Barrows’ agent, gambler Sid Campeau; Campeau’s partner Dick Allen is Jeff’s war buddy and rival suitor for engineer’s daughter Molly Monahan. Who will survive the effort to push the railroad through at any cost?Read More »

  • Joseph Kane – Dakota (1945)

    1941-1950Joseph KaneRomanceUSAWestern

    In 1871, professional gambler John Devlin elopes with Sandra “Sandy” Poli, daughter of Marko Poli, an immigrant who has risen to railroad tycoon. Sandy, knowing that the railroad is to be extended into Dakota, plans to use their $20,000 nest egg to buy land options to sell to the railroad at a profit. On the stage trip to Ft. Abercrombie, their fellow passengers are Jim Bender and Bigtree Collins, who practically own the town of Fargo and Devlin is aware that they are prepared to protect the little empire… trying to drive out the farmers by burning their property, destroying their wheat, and blaming the devastation on the Indians. Continuing their journey north on the river aboard the “River Bird’, Sandy and John meet Captain Bounce, an irascible old seafarer. Two of Bendender’s henchmen, Slagin and Carp, board the boat and relieve John of his $20,000 at gunpoint. Captain Bounce, chasing the robber’s dinghy.Read More »

  • Kelly Reichardt – Meek’s Cutoff (2010)

    2001-2010ArthouseKelly ReichardtUSAWestern

    On the Oregon Trail in 1845, three couples travel in covered wagons with slippery guide Stephen Meek (an unrecognizable Bruce Greenwood), but days pass, and water remains elusive. Emily (Michelle Williams, who anchored Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy) laments that “he’s gotten in over his head.” Meek insists that relief lies around the next ridge, but that’s never the case, until an alkaline lake appears. Unfortunately, it’s unsuitable for drinking, so they push on. Always attuned to the rhythms of nature, Reichardt has produced a meditative take on the genre that feels more enigmatic than most–with the possible exception of Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man–even if the period details always look right. With her focus on faded calico dresses and vast aquamarine skies, Meek’s Cutoff offers a beautiful vision of harsh times.Read More »

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