• Wigwolf – The Wet Ones (2021)


    The Wet Ones is like The Mr. Bill Show on crack, and that is entirely on purpose. Using the tagline “a movie made by maniacs, for maniacs,” this psychedelic, action figure starring, splatterfest more than lives up to it. It is written and directed by musician/filmmaker Wigwolf, who plays guitar while wearing a werewolf mask, long, flowing wig, and a tutu. It features homemade sets with hand-mutilated dolls having adventures and stabbing each other in the p***y.
    One doll featured prominently has a red shock wig and an enormous hard-on and goes by Doctor AIDS (Wigwolf). It also has a Katy Perry doll that gets into all sorts of peril. Her adventures include being attacked by one of the sisters from Jack Hill’s Spider Baby (Rachel Alig) before fighting against the evil corporate influence of Titanic Sinclair. There is also Bunnula the vampire rabbit, Elvis at the disco (Morris Slater Diamond), Joan of Arc (Lauren Barrett), and J.R. Jickenjacker (Jamie Robert MacDougall).Read More »

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