William Berke

  • William Berke – Zamba (1949)

    1941-1950AdventureDramaUSAWilliam Berke

    Jenny and her six-year-old son, Tommy, are flying over the Belgian Congo when they are forced to bail out and become separated. Jenny lands in a dense jungle and is rescued by a safari headed by two wild-animal collectors, but Tommy is not found. He has amnesia and is lost, but is adopted by Zamba, a huge gorilla. He lives happily with his new family. Jenny comes back with a searching party, and Zamba, the gorilla mother, is determined to protect Tommy from his real mother.Read More »

  • William Berke – High Powered (1945)

    1941-1950ActionDramaUSAWilliam Berke

    A high-rigger loses his nerve after a fall takes the life of a coworker.Read More »

  • William Berke – Shoot to Kill (1947)

    1941-1950Film NoirThrillerUSAWilliam Berke

    Gangster Dixie Logan is framed by crooked DA Lawrence Dale. His wife secures a job as Dale’s assistant, the better to find the proof of the DA’s dishonesty. She gets help from Reporter Mitchell, who falls in love with her.Read More »

  • William Berke – Street of Sinners (1957)

    1951-1960CrimeUSAWilliam Berke

    This action-filled police drama chronicles the difficult first year of a rookie cop. The trouble begins on his very first day on the beat when he has a conflict with the criminally connected owner of the local tavern. Against the more moderate advice of his experienced partner, the rookie insists on strictly enforcing every law on the books. His unbending toughness creates hard feelings with the neighborhood toughs and soon he becomes their target.Read More »

  • William Berke – The Falcon’s Adventure (1946)

    1941-1950CrimeMysteryUSAWilliam Berke

    The Falcon rescues Louisa Braganza from kidnappers who want her father’s secret formula for making diamonds. Her father’s murder is pinned on the Falcon and, when he and she flee to Florida, another murder seems to confirm his guilt.Read More »

  • William Berke – Deputy Marshal (1949)

    1941-1950USAWesternWilliam Berke


    A few minutes before he is killed by an unseen gunman using a split-butt rifle, in a saloon in Tumult, Wyoming, railway employee Harley Masters
    (Wheaton Chambers) gives a secret map to Deputy Marshal Ed Garry (Jon Hall.) Garry is questioned about the murder by Master’s niece Janet
    (Frances Langford); her cousin Bill Masters (Russell Hayden); the town big-shot, Joel Benton (Dick Foran) and Doc Vinson (Clem Bevans).
    Garry meets Claire Benton (Julie Bishop) when her brother and his henchman Eli Cressett (Joe Sawyer) question Garry about the map.
    Garry accuses Cressett of being one of the two wanted men he is seeking. Cressett, aided by Benton,mescapes from jail. Garry and Janet find
    a split-butt rifle near where one of her hands was killed in a rustling raid. They take it to town and Garry telegraphs the Winchester Arms Company
    and asks the name of the purchaser based on their serial number records. Cressett meets with Bill Masters, the real leader of the gang, and is
    offered more money if he will kill Benton. He agrees, but intends to double-cross Masters.Read More »

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