William Chang

  • William Chang – Ren she da zhan aka: Calamity of Snakes (1982)

    Hong KongAsianHorrorWilliam Chang

    Most gruesome snake-horror film ever !!!

    It’s very difficult to get a good copy of this film – and if you can get hold of one, the tape is most often only in Cantonese language.

    During the construction of luxury apartment buildings a huge nest of thousands of snakes is discovered. Francis Chang (the boss) refuses to delay the construction and orders to kill all the animals. He is repeated warned by his wife, who had some nightmares concerning him and the snakes. They do not manage to kill all snakes and so they take revenge on the construction workers and Francis Chang. Soon thousands of killer snakes under the lead of a giant Boa invades the building an kill all the new inhabitants. Even a snake master can’t stop them.Read More »

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