William Keighley

  • William Keighley – The Prince and the Pauper (1937)

    Drama1931-1940AdventureUSAWilliam Keighley

    Errol Flynn duels into action in Warner Bros.’ spectacular, spirited film of Mark Twain’s classic novel. Amid 16th-century England’s pomp and poverty, two lookalike lads, one a beggar and one young Edward VI, exchange identities for a lark. But their switch backfires and it’s up to soldier of fortune Miles Hendon (Flynn) to turn the tables on a conspirator (Claude Rains) and return the correct lad to the throne. Flynn’s rakish persona, William Keighley’s brisk direction, Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s score and the spry performances of twins Billy and Bobby Mauch helped many a film fan form an enchanted view of olde England. That view is just as rousing today. The Prince and the Pauper is regal all-family entertainment.Read More »

  • William Keighley – No Time for Comedy (1940)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyScrewball ComedyUnited KingdomWilliam Keighley

    Playwright Gaylord Esterbrook scores a hit with his first Broadway play, both with the critics and with leading lady Linda Paige. He and Linda are happily married until a patroness of the arts convinces Esterbrook to forget about comedy and concentrate on writing a tragedy. The end result nearly destroys his career and his marriage.Read More »

  • William Keighley – Kansas City Princess (1934)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyUSAWilliam Keighley

    Rosie and Marie are wisecracking Kansas City manicurists. Marie is an unabashed golddigger but Rosie would like to marry her gangster boyfriend Dynamite, who’s given her an expensive ring. When she loses the ring, both friends have to flee Dynamite’s wrath; their adventures include masquerading as girl scouts and taking an ocean voyage to Paris.Read More »

  • William Keighley – Bullets or Ballots (1936)

    1931-1940CrimeThrillerUSAWilliam Keighley

    Two-fisted New York police detective Edward G. Robinson is so volatile that he manages to get himself thrown off the force in disgrace. The local gangsters are delighted, in that Robinson had been breathing down their necks. When Robinson goes to crime boss Barton MacLaine insisting that he’s through with law enforcement and wants to switch to the other side, MacLaine’s chief henchmen Humphrey Bogart doesn’t buy the story, but has to go along since he doesn’t want to incur the wrath of MacLaine.Read More »

  • William Keighley – Big Hearted Herbert (1934)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyUSAWilliam Keighley


    Plot: A clumsy, bumbling plumber finds his true calling as a successful manufacturer of bathroom facilities.Read More »

  • William Keighley – The Street with No Name [+extra] (1948)

    1941-1950CrimeFilm NoirUSAWilliam Keighley



    In Center City, a housewife is murdered in a night-club by a gang of thieves. When a security guard of a bank is killed by the same gun during a heist, the crime becomes a federal offense under FBI jurisdiction. When the prime suspect is released and executed in the same night, FBI Inspector George Briggs recruits the rookie agent Gene Cordell to follow the last paths of the victim undercover in the identity of George Manly. Gene meets the powerful gangster Alec Stiles in a gymnasium, and later he is invited to join his gang. Working with his also undercover liaison Cy Gordon, Gene finds evidences to incriminate Stiles. However, he discovers also that somebody from the precinct is feeding Stiles with classified information.Read More »

  • William Keighley – Babbitt (1934)

    1931-1940DramaUSAWilliam Keighley


    Middle aged George F. Babbitt is a leading citizen in the town of Zenith, the fastest growing community in America according to its town sign. George is a large part of that growth as a property developer and realtor. He is lovingly married to his wife Myra, the two who have two children, Ted and Verona who are approaching adulthood. George has always had a fearless attitude, much like that of a naive child, which has led to his business success. He encounters some personal stresses when he faces what he believes is a potential home-wrecking issue, and when his oldest friend Paul and his wife Zilla deal with domestic problems. These stresses make George want to provide even more to his own family, leading to George agreeing to participate in a less than scrupulous but lucrative business dealing. George’s bravura gets him into a potential scandal. This situation makes him question his general behavior, especially toward his family.Read More »

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