Xiaolian Peng

  • Xiaolian Peng & Louisa Wei – Storm Under the Sun (2007)

    Storm Under the Sun is a documentary about one of the “political storms” by Mao Zedong that fell upon the intellectuals of China in the 50’s. Centered around the Hu Feng Case, the documentary traces the synergy that generated such an event, Mao’s personal involvement in every step, and various victims’ reaction to and realizations following the humiliation and accusations.Read More »

  • Xiaolian Peng – Meili Shanghai AKA Shanghai Story (2004)

    The rise and fall of a family in Shanghai. Once wealthy and capitalist, the family unraveled during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. Their home, once a French concession mansion, was converted into a multi-family dwelling. Years later, the matriarch of the family announces that she is dying. When her four grown children return, it becomes the first time the family has been under one roof in decades.Read More »

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