Yanjin Yang

  • Yanjin Yang – Xiao jie AKA Narrow Street AKA The Alley (1981)

    1981-1990AsianChinaDramaYanjin Yang

    Narrow Street is the story of two youths: Xia, an easygoing, good-humored mechanic, and Yu, who is rather shy and delicate. They first meet in the late sixties, during the chaotic days of the Cultural Revolution in China. The chaos and desperation around them strengthens their friendship, but one day Xia discovers that his friend actually a girl. Yu then tells him her story – the sufferings of her family, why she had to disguise herself. When Xia tries to find a wig for her, he is badly beaten, and by the time he leaves the hospital, Yu has disappeared. The film is a powerful condemnation of the political radicalism of the Cultural Revolution and shows how ordinary people were victimized during a decade of turmoil.Read More »

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