Yann Gonzalez

Yann Gonzalez – Hideous (2022)

Popstar Oliver Sim is the main guest of a talk-show that soon slides into a surreal journey of love, shame and blood. Read More »

Yann Gonzalez – Les rencontres d’après minuit AKA You and the Night (2013)


A slut, a star, a stud and a teen all walk into an orgy… If you think there’s a punchline to this joke, then you haven’t yet seen You and the Night (Les Rencontres d’apres minuit), a visually exquisite, occasionally hilarious, and intermittently trying meditation on sex, love, dreams, death, camp and kitsch that marks a promising feature debut from French filmmaker Yann Gonzalez. Picture The Breakfast Club remixed by Jean Cocteau, Paul Morrissey, Dario Argento and Peter Greenaway, and you’ll get an inkling of what this avant-garde item has in store. Read More »