Yann Le Masson

Yann Le Masson – Kashima Paradise [+Extras] (1973)

Kashima Paradise
Coréalisé avec Bénie Deswarte, 1973, 16 mm, 106 min 26
Entre Kashima et Tokyo, se construit vers 1970 l’aéroport de Narita : les paysans refusent de vendre leurs terres et affrontent les gardes mobiles envoyés pour les expulser

Between Kashima and Tokyo, Narita airport is built around 1970: the rural people refuse to sell their land and confront the mobile guards sent to evict them.

This 1973 French documentary explores the conflict between modern values and material comforts in Japan and the more traditional obligations (giri) and culture which are still the real backbone of the society. Among the topics touched on are the Osaka Expo, battles against pollution, and Japanese leftist movements. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Read More »