Yannis Economides

  • Yannis Economides – To Mikro Psari AKA Stratos (2014)

    2011-2020CrimeDramaGreeceYannis Economides


    By night, Stratos works in a bread factory but by day, he’s a professional hit man. He needs the cash to free Leonidas from prison because the latter once saved his life when he was behind bars. For Stratos, this is simply a question of honour. We’ve no idea how many people he’s already killed, but we do notice that he still has a conscience. He attentively looks after a neighbour’s child, eight-year-old Katharina, as well as her mother and an uncle. At last he has enough money for the prison break-out. But Leonidas is lured into a bloody trap, by his brother of all people, who disappears with the money. At the same time Stratos learns that little Katharina is in danger – both psychologically and physically. He must act, even if this means following one wrongdoing with another.Read More »

  • Yannis Economides – Macherovgaltis aka Knifer (2010)

    2001-2010CyprusDramaFilm NoirYannis Economides


    Following his father’s death, Nikos leaves the provinces to work in Athens guarding his brutish uncle’s dogs. Nikos finds the dynamic of his relationship with his uncle changing when his uncle’s wife draws closer to him. This relentlessly gritty film noir won seven Hellenic Film Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture.Read More »

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