Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad – Mukhsin (2006)

The story takes place in Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam in 1993, revolving around the first love of a 10-year-old Orked when a 12-year-old boy, Mukhsin, comes with his elder brother and aunt to spend the school holidays in her village. Around this relatively simple plotline of a blossoming young romance between the film’s two young protagonists, are interweaved scenes of Malaysian village life and the dynamics of different types of families. Most of the family scenes revolve around Orked and her mother (Mak Inom), father (Pak Atan), and the family’s close maid who is almost like a family member (Kak Yam). Read More »

Yasmin Ahmad – Sepet AKA Chinese Eye (2004)


Because of their shared love for Wong Kar-Wai’s movies, a 19-year-old Chinese VCD seller dude and a 16-year-old Malay schoolgirl in Ipoh fall in love. She doesn’t try to convert him. Instead, they talk about films and poetry. Read More »