Yoichi Higashi

Yoichi Higashi – Mo hozue wa tsukanai aka No More Easy Life (1979)

Mariko (Momoi Kaori) is living the life of a typical Japanese college student in the 70’s, spending far more of her time balancing boyfriends and part-time jobs than on her schoolwork. She finds herself torn between a former boyfriend (Morimoto Leo) who’s the tough, insensitive-but-sexy, type, and a new acquaintance (Okuda Eiji) who’s more sensitive to her feelings, but who still acts childishly selfish at times. Will she choose one of them, or decide to go her own way? Read More »

Yoichi Higashi – Sâdo aka Third (1978)

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Yoichi Higashi breakthrough film Sâdo is based on script by Shuji Terayama and produced by Art Theatre Guild (ATG). The film follows the relationship of one man to the world around him, variously his mother, the urban landscape of Japanese youth, and ultimately those incarcerated in a corrective school, after he is involved in a murder. Read More »