Yôichi Takabayashi

  • Yôichi Takabayashi – Akai scandal: Jôji aka Red Scandal: Affair (1982)

    When a chaste wife first learned about ecstasy …

    I’m a woman in a high-class whore.
    Colored with glittering sensuality, Yuki Mizuhara now falls into beautyRead More »

  • Yôichi Takabayashi – Nishijin Shinju AKA Double Suicide at Nishijin (1977)

    Yumi, an exceptionally beautiful call girl, has a close call with death when a client forces her to die with him. An old cop pities her and agrees to be her guarantor so that she could join a Nishijin weaver workshop. Yumi wishes to put her dark past behind her, but she’s exposed by an ex-client. Despite the unwavered support of the old cop, she sees no way out and uses her seductive body again to get what she wants. Hiroyuki, her co-worker at the weaver workshop, is a pure-hearted young man who may redeem Yumi from her deadly path as a femme fatale.Read More »

  • Yôichi Takabayashi – Kura no naka aka In the Cellar (1981)

    Autotranslated from Japanese:
    It depicts the mysterious relationship between a breast-sick sister who lives in the warehouse and a younger brother who longs for her. A film adaptation of Seishi Yokomizo’s novel of the same name, written by Chiho Katsura of “The Beast of Evil”, directed by Yoichi Takabayashi of “The Woman”, and shot by Yoichi Takabayashi and Muneyuki Tsuda.Read More »

  • Yôichi Takabayashi – Gaki zoshi AKA The Water Was So Clear (1973)

    Romance, rape, tension, repression and death: these are the quintessential themes explored in this dialogue-free Japanese black-and-white movie. A Buddhist priest rescues a homeless girl and brings her into his temple’s household. Soon she becomes an essential part of the place. One night she is raped by a young man who then becomes her lover. The priest happens on them one night as they make love before the temple shrine, and he becomes erotically obsessed.Read More »

  • Yôichi Takabayashi – Naomi (1980)

    Naomi throws a party for her 23rd birthday at a luxurious salon. The host, Joji Kawai, Naomi’s 38-year-old husband, is a jewelry trader. Soon they move to London and open a jewelry store. Even though they are a close couple, there are many twists and turns before they arrive here. Joji and Naomi first became acquainted when Naomi was 16 years old and had just dropped out of high school. Joji was using the snack bar where Naomi worked and started inviting her to go to the movies and have dinner. Wanting to transform the young girl, whose birth and identity he did not know, into an ideal woman with his own hands, Joji proposed that Naomi live with him. Eventually, the two inevitably get married, and Naomi’s 18-year-old body begins to blossom as a mature woman, giving off a demonic charm and indulging in the pleasures of various men…Read More »

  • Yôichi Takabayashi – Honjin satsujin jiken AKA Death at an Old Mansion (1976)

    When a woman and her bridegroom are found dead in a double suicide the day after their wedding, it is up to the detective to figure out what could possibly have motivated them. Carefully and systematically, he pieces together the inner lives of the two.Read More »

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