Yoon-ki Lee

  • Yoon-ki Lee – Yeoja, Jeong-hye AKA This Charming Girl (2004)

    2001-2010DramaSouth KoreaYoon-ki Lee

    In her mid-twenties, Jeong-hae is a postal worker who lives a monotonous daily routine. She is kind, detached, and delicate, and accepts being cut off from the outside world as natural. When she takes in a stray cat she happens to remember things about her mother, and when an aspiring writer who comes to the post office expresses interest in her, her unexplained peacefulness is shaken, and hidden trauma begins to make its way to the surface of her emotions.Read More »

  • Yoon-ki Lee – Saranghanda, saranghaji anneunda AKA Come Rain, Come Shine (2011)

    Drama2011-2020ArthouseSouth KoreaYoon-ki Lee



    Seoul, the present day. Yeong-shin (Im Su-jeong), who works for a publishing company, has been married to architect Hwang Ji-seok (Hyeon Bin) for five years. One Thursday, while he is driving her to the airport for a two-day business trip to Japan, she tells she him she is leaving him for another man. Ji-seok reacts in a muted way, not even asking her who the other man is. Some time later, on the day the other man — photographer Kim Seong-hun (Ha Jung-woo) — is due to pick her up with her things, Yeong-shin and Ji-seok find themselves closeted together in the house as the rain pours down outside from a hurricane that has been causing havoc in the region. And then Ji-seok finds a stray kitten crying on the patio outside.Read More »

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