Yorgos Tzavellas

  • Yorgos Tzavellas – Mia zoi tin ehoume AKA We Only Live Once (1958)

    Yorgos Tzavellas1951-1960ComedyDramaGreece

    A bank teller discovers an accounting error and becomes rich.Read More »

  • Yorgos Tzavellas – I Agni tou limaniou AKA Agnes of the Port AKA Lily of the Harbor (1958)

    1951-1960ClassicsDramaGreeceYorgos Tzavellas

    Captain Giakoumis makes the big decision to forsake the sea and live peacefully close to his wife and his adopted son, Andreas, who is about to sit for examinations in order to become a lieutenant. However, a terrible secret burdens his soul. He has a daughter, Agni, whom he had years ago when he had an affair with Maria, a prostitute from Troumpa. Maria, before she died, expressed the wish that Giakoumis recognize their daughter as his child. He, however, refused, since Agni ended up becoming a prostitute. The girl, to take revenge on her father, starts an affair with her half-brother with the intention of dragging him down into the mud. In the end, however, she falls in love with him, and this love blesses everyone and everything.Read More »

  • Yorgos Tzavellas – Antigoni AKA Antigone (1961)

    1961-1970ClassicsDramaGreeceYorgos Tzavellas

    King Oedipus, the ruler of Thebes, blinds himself after learning that he inadvertently killed his own father, and got married to his mother. From this unholy union, Oedipus had four children: two sons, Eteocles and Polynices, and two daughters, Ismene and Antigone. After a tragic clash between brothers for the throne, the new monarch of Thebes, Creon, decrees that the body of the traitorous Polynices should be left unburied–a royal order which Antigone chooses to defy. Now, a cruel fate awaits the rebellious woman in the castle’s cold and dank dungeons, as Apollo’s blind prophet, Tiresias, warns the king of the Gods’ wrath. Alas, an irreversible chain of events is already set in motion.Read More »

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