Yoshitaro Nomura

  • Yoshitaro Nomura – Suna no utsuwa AKA The Castle of Sand (1974)

    1971-1980AsianCrimeJapanYoshitaro Nomura

    Very intriguing film from whom many consider the Hitchcock of Japan, Yoshitaro Nomura.

    “Two detectives, Imanishi and Yoshimura, are assigned to the murder of a 60-year-old man whose body was found dumped in a railroad yard. It turns to be that of a former policeman, Miki; the murder now seems even more mysterious, as Miki was well liked by all and had been on holiday when he was killed. The detectives visit all the places to which Miki has traveled, with little luck, but then they read an account buried in a lengthy report of how Miki years before had befriended a destitute, leprous man and his young son. Amazingly, that boy had grown up to become Eiryo Waga, a rising star in the music world. Could such an eminent figure have anything to do with the murder? Read More »

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