Young Nam Ko

  • Young Nam Ko – Sonagi AKA The Shower (1979)

    Young Nam Ko1971-1980AsianDramaSouth Korea

    Seokee meets Yeonee at the entrance to the village. She has transferred from a shool in Seoul as a result of her father’s business failure, and has been sent to live with her great-grandfather Yoon. Yeonee waits for Seokee near a stream and tries to befriend him, but Seokee feels awkward and avoids her. Thereafter, Seokee doesn’t see Yeonee neer the stream for days. He misses her. He dresses up in his best clothes and goes to try and find her. After Seokee fights with other kids on Yeonee’s behalf, they become friends. Yeonee asks Seokee to go hiking and they have a wonderful time. They are caught in a rain shower. Seokee givers his shirt to Yeonee. They dash for cover and sit together under a haystack…Read More »

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