Yuan Zhang

  • Yuan Zhang – Dong gong xi gong AKA East Palace, West Palace (1996)

    Yuan Zhang1991-2000AsianChinaDrama
    Dong gong xi gong (1996)
    Dong gong xi gong (1996)

    The most daring and achieved of all the ‘illegal’ independent films made in China in the ’90s – and quite probably the last, since it prompted the Film Bureau to formally outlaw unauthorised production and confiscate the directors Zhang Yuan’s passport.Read More »

  • Yuan Zhang – Guo nian hui jia AKA Seventeen Years (1999)

    1991-2000AsianChinaDramaYuan Zhang

    A modest family is destined for tragedy due to the rivalry between two teenage stepsisters. It begins when Tao Lan accidentally kills her stepsister. Seventeen years later, a female guard escorts the solitary Tao Lan, now a stranger to life outside prison, to her first painful family reunion…Read More »

  • Yuan Zhang – Mama (1991)

    1991-2000AsianChinaDramaYuan Zhang


    The young mother, who had been abandoned by her husband, had to support her son named Dongdong, and had a terrible epilepsy when he was six years old, causing brain damage, and the 13-year-old son had no improvement. Perseverably believe that Dongdong can cure, and try to use a variety of ways to wake up his son’s memory of childhood. Her efforts made her fall into great feelings of contradiction and the pressure of life, not only to her colleagues caused trouble, but also to her suitors and ex-husband caused trouble.Liang Dan in the work and care of the mentally handicapped son between Dongdong feel physically and mentally exhausted. Someday, Dongdong disappeared and epilepsy occurs, then he was wrapped in cloth and accidentally died.Read More »

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