Velimir Stojanovic – Cetiri kilometra na sat AKA Four Kilometers per Hour (1958)

Inert petit-burgeoisie place in pre-war Yugoslavia. Two politicians are fighting for voters, while their children fall in love… Read More »

Dusan Kovacevic & Bozidar ‘Bota’ Nikolic – Balkanski spijun AKA Balkan Spy (1984)

Ilija Cvorovic is called by the secret police to routinely answer questions about his tenant, businessman who had returned from the West. After that talk, Cvorovic is convinced that his neighbour represents the greatest threat to national security and begins his own surveillance operation against that man.
Is it just his imagination or his tenant is a dangerous terrorist that should be stopped before he tries to undermine socialism and ruin everything in what Ilija believes? Read More »

Matjaz Klopcic – Moj ata, socialisticni kulak AKA My Dad, the Socialist Kulak (1987)

Year 1945. The second World War is over and the soldiers from the sisbanded army are returning home. Yet there is still no sign of Joze Malek. His wife Mimika and their children Tincek and olga know only that he had deserted the German army and gone over to the Soviet Red Army. Mimika works a a hired hand for the farmer, Medved, who givesher bread and milk for her child instead of regular wages. This is not at all to the liking of her relative Vanc. One fine day, father Malek comes home and the family is happilly reunited. Vanc tells Jozeabout the agrarian reform, through which the Maleks even get their own plot of land. In exchange of this, they have to remove all the religious symbols from their home. Read More »

Jovan Zivanovic – Gorki deo reke AKA Bitter Part of the River (1965)

While trying to push away a little boy who keeps coming near his cottage at the river, a whimsical mayor meets boy’s mother. These people find hard to make contacts because of their own trouble marks from the past, even though they know that the common effort is needed for the future and survival. Read More »

Krsto Papic – Izbavitelj AKA The Rat Savior (1976)

A poor writer discovers that a species of rats has banded together to impersonate humans and supplant them unnoticed, in a manner reminiscent of the transformations in Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, or the covert conspiracy of pod-people in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This film’s story is based on a book by the Soviet writer Alexander Grin. Read More »

Bogdan Zizic – Ne naginji se van aka Don’t Lean Out the Window (1977)

Ne naginji se van (1977)

Encouraged by the stories of guest workers who pay visit to their homeland, a young man Filip finds himself on a central station in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. While looking for his old friend Mate who would help him to get around in new environment, Filip experiences one trouble after another until he finally finds Mate lethally wounded. Read More »

Branko Schmidt – Sokol ga nije volio AKA Sokol Did Not Love Him (1988)

Sokol ga nije volio (1988)

The story begins in a small rural village in Slavonia, Ladimirevci in 1943, where a land owner Shima is helping the Partisan Movement and the official Ustasha regime in order to save the life of his son Benosh, who is enlisted in the German army. Shima doesn’t want to let his son fight for the wrong side any more, and doesn’t want to give him to the Partisans either, so he hides him in his attic for the time being. The story is interwoven with episodes of Shima trying to muster a beautiful stallion – Sokol – who only answers to his son Benosh and clearly doesn’t like his old man… Written by Kristijan Stakor Read More »