Yugoslavian Cinema under Tito

Branko Bauer – Tri Ane AKA Three Girls Named Anna (1959)

A retired tram driver tries to find his daughter named Ana whom he lost in WWII. Read More »

Zivorad ‘Zika’ Mitrovic – Nevesinjska puska AKA Thundering Mountains (1963)

Based on real events – Herzegovina Uprising of 1875–77 against the Ottoman Empire.

More info here Read More »

Branko Bauer – Prekobrojna (1962)

A charming romantic comedy/drama from early 1960s Yugoslavia. Ranka (Milena Dravić) secretly follows her boyfriend Mikajlo (Ljubiša Samardžić) from the village to a work action. She is accepted despite not being signed up, but Mikajlo soon leaves his peasant brigade to follow the pretty student Nada in her student brigade. Mikajlo’s attempts to seduce Nada are met with laughter, and in the meantime Ranka becomes more independent. For her role, Milena Dravić won the “Golden Arena” for best female performance at the Pula Film Festival. Read More »

Veljko Bulajic – Kozara (1962)

In June of 1942 Germans and their collaborators decide to get rid of partisans and their stronghold in the woods of Mount Kozara in Northern Bosnia. They encircle the mountain and begin the mop up operation. Out gunned and outnumbered the partisans must not only take care of themselves but try to protect thousands of refugees too. Read More »

Velimir Stojanovic – Cetiri kilometra na sat AKA Four Kilometers per Hour (1958)

Inert petit-burgeoisie place in pre-war Yugoslavia. Two politicians are fighting for voters, while their children fall in love… Read More »

Matjaz Klopcic – Moj ata, socialisticni kulak AKA My Dad, the Socialist Kulak (1987)

Year 1945. The second World War is over and the soldiers from the sisbanded army are returning home. Yet there is still no sign of Joze Malek. His wife Mimika and their children Tincek and olga know only that he had deserted the German army and gone over to the Soviet Red Army. Mimika works a a hired hand for the farmer, Medved, who givesher bread and milk for her child instead of regular wages. This is not at all to the liking of her relative Vanc. One fine day, father Malek comes home and the family is happilly reunited. Vanc tells Jozeabout the agrarian reform, through which the Maleks even get their own plot of land. In exchange of this, they have to remove all the religious symbols from their home. Read More »

Jovan Zivanovic – Gorki deo reke AKA Bitter Part of the River (1965)

While trying to push away a little boy who keeps coming near his cottage at the river, a whimsical mayor meets boy’s mother. These people find hard to make contacts because of their own trouble marks from the past, even though they know that the common effort is needed for the future and survival. Read More »