Yukihiro Sawada

  • Yukihiro Sawada – Tomodachi AKA Friend (1974)

    A young girl moves from Iwate to Kawasaki after leaving her village, but she suffers from asthma and is ostracised by her friends. A young boy who dreams of becoming a footballer. The two gradually develop a friendship, but tragedy strikes at the end…

    A very pure and touching film. The last part of the film will make you cry.Read More »

  • Yukihiro Sawada – Hangyaku no Melody AKA Melody of Rebellion (1970)

    The disbandment of the Tanno clan left gang member Tetsu (Yoshio Harada) to stray from the crime family’s fold. He roamed the streets as a one man band, wearing a denim jacket and long hair with sunglasses to cover his piercing eyes. Befriending a like-minded lone wolf by the name of Gebasaku, Tetsu builds a coalition against higher forces. A graphic portrayal of irrepressible anger and a friendship worth dying for.Read More »

  • Yukihiro Sawada – Oretachi ni haka wa nai AKA No Grave for Us (1979)

    A plot to steal money from gangsters leads to trouble.Read More »

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