Yuri Gruzinov

  • Yuri Gruzinov & Yaroslav Pilunskiy & Yuliya Shashkova – The First Company (2018)

    2011-2020DocumentaryUkraineWarYaroslav PilunskiyYuliya ShashkovaYuri Gruzinov

    The Ukrainian Revolution (2013-2014) and the war with Russia in the Donbas are nearing. The film deals with the history of the First Company of the Maidan, which defeated the enemy within and advanced to the frontlines to fight the external enemy. Immersion in the epicentre of events, a frank artistic and civilian view of human relationships against the background of violent social upheaval. Immutable human stories, the collision of charismatic characters, challenges and solutions on the verge of life and death, the search for interaction, the first steps towards the formation of civil society… All of this is summed up by an understanding of the way already travelled and an optimistic view of Ukraine’s future.Read More »

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