Zacharias Kunuk

  • Zacharias Kunuk – One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk (2019)

    2011-2020ArthouseCanadaDramaZacharias Kunuk

    Noah Piugattuk’s nomadic Inuit band live and hunt by dog team, just as his ancestors did. When the white man known as Boss arrives in camp, what appears as a chance meeting soon opens up the prospect of momentous change.Read More »

  • Zacharias Kunuk – Atanarjuat AKA Fast Runner [+Extras] (2001)

    2001-2010CanadaDramaFantasyZacharias Kunuk

    Centuries ago, in what would become the Canadian Arctic, Atuat is promised to the malevolent Oki, son of the leader of their tribe. But Atuat loves the good-natured Atanarjuat, who ultimately finds a way to marry her. Oki’s sister, Puja also fancies Atanarjuat, and when she causes strife between him and his brother Amaqjuaq, Oki seizes the opportunity to wreak a terrible revenge on Atanarjuat.

    Apparently the first ever feature film to be made in the Inuktitut (Canadian Eskimo) language, this epic tale recounts the ancient Inuit legend of Atanarjuat.

    Set some thousand years ago in the settlement of Igloolik near the Arctic Circle, “Atanarjuat” relates how shamanic forces spark deep divisions within a community of nomadic Inuit.Read More »

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