Zako Heskija

  • Zako Heskija – Yo ho ho (1981)

    1981-1990BulgariaDramaFantasyZako Heskija


    This is a sensitive film about human solidarity filled with humor and poetry.

    A young actor with his backbone broken (he is crippled after a bad fall on the stage) is
    being treated in a hospital. He is invalidated for good and he wills not to live further on.
    He gets acquainted with a 10-year-old boy, Leonid, from the adjoining room. The boy is
    spending time in hospital with an arm in a plastic cast. They make friends. In fact, the
    actor intends to use the kid to provide him with poison. He starts telling a marvelous fairy
    tale. “Yo-ho-ho” – this old refrain of a pirate song is all too familiar. For the sake of the
    boy the Actor invents stories about the good buccaneer who is fighting the evil ruler
    Alvarez who must be punished for his crimes. Little by little the real people in hospital are
    transformed into the imaginary heroes of the pirate stories that the Actor and the child
    vanquished by goodness, honesty and self-denial. The boy is fascinated. Gradually…Read More »

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