Zbigniew Kuzminski

  • Zbigniew Kuzminski – Agent nr 1 (1972)

    1971-1980ActionDramaPolandZbigniew Kuzminski

    A wartime thriller drama; based on authentic events, the story of the famous intelligence and diversion ace operating in Greece, Jerzy Shaynovich-Ivanov, a Pole by origin. The elusive agent, for whose head the Nazis set a high reward, was born in Warsaw, to a family of a Russian and a Polish woman. As a boy of several years, Jerzy Ivanov-Shaynovich found himself in Thessaloniki when his mother married a Greek for the second time. He mastered English, Russian, French, German and Greek perfectly. He studied in Belgium and France and earned an engineering degree. The outbreak of war found him in Greece. With one of the last ships, he left his adopted homeland, intending to join the Carpathian Brigade. He still had Polish citizenship and a passport, but for formal reasons he was not accepted into the Polish army.Read More »

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