Zdenek Tyc

  • Zdenek Tyc – Vojtech, receny sirotek (1990)

    1981-1990ArthouseCzech RepublicDramaZdenek Tyc

    There were a lot of movies shot after 1989, the year when communist empire fell down. I am studying film university in Prague and I am working in TV so I focus on all new Czech movies very carefully. Of course everybody remembers Jan Sverak´s recent movies like “Kolya” or “Elementary school” but forgets this hidden masterpiece. This movie tells the story of old conflict between individuality and strong group of people. Extraordinary cinematography is making very tender and natural atmosphere (shot in black and white material)by taking place in the south of Bohemia, where the landscape is full of trees and lakes. Very sensitive direction of non-actors (except main character played by Peter Forman-the son of director Milos Forman)with impressive faces and characters are representatives of collective who hates everything different from their kind of lifestyle. Peter Forman as a strong character tells what he thinks and do what he wants and he is destroyed by them step by step. Do you want to encounter the Czech beauty…look closer. (IMDB review /// Radim Kratochvil)Read More »

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