Zeki Demirkubuz

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Itiraf AKA The Confession: Tales About Darkness II (2001)

    Zeki Demirkubuz2001-2010DramaTurkey

    A man suspects his wife of being unfaithful, but he’s not prepared for what her confession will do to him.Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Yazgi aka Fate: Tales About Darkness (2001)

    Drama2001-2010TurkeyZeki Demirkubuz

    The first installment of Zeki Demirkubuz’s Tales of Darkness trilogy (which would subsequently include The Confession and The Waiting Room), Fate is perhaps his most fully realized adoption of themes inspired by his literary influences (and self-acknowledged personal favorite among his films to date), in this case, Albert Camus’s widely read, absurdist fiction, The Stranger. Fusing the essentiality of actors’ faces that characterize Robert Bresson’s cinema with the acute, muted humor of Darezhan Omirbaev (and on occasion, upending it, as in the case of an initially Kaïrat-like innocent encounter at a movie theater that soon escalates into awkward groping), Fate chronicles the strange turn of events in the life of a seductive, accommodating, and enigmatic junior customs clerk named Musa (Serder Orçin) who lives alone with his mother at a low rent apartment in Istabul following her death one day from natural causes. Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Kor AKA Ember (2016)

    2011-2020DramaTurkeyZeki Demirkubuz


    When her husband Cemal is arrested in Romania, Emine is left alone with their child who needs immediate surgery. She takes a job as a needle worker at a garment workshop where she comes across Ziya, her husband’s former boss. He can’t stay indifferent when he learns what the woman he once fancied is going through. When Cemal returns months later, he finds Emine working at the garment workshop and their son healthy. A hospital bill he accidentally sees reveals that Ziya has paid for the surgery and Emine hid this fact. Will Cemal, who already blames Ziya for what he went through and is extremely jealous of Emine, be able to confront this situation or choose to ignore it?Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Bulanti AKA Nausea (2015)

    2011-2020DramaTurkeyZeki Demirkubuz


    Ahmet, a prominent intellectual, lost his wife and daughter in a traffic accident which happened while he was spending the night with his lover. As a person who cares about nothing and bows to nothing, Ahmet is not much affected by this tragic event and goes on with his life. After a while, without any apparent reason, he experiences certain changes in himself and his life. Small mishaps, strange misfortunes happen one after another. He is not on good terms with the woman he loves very much anymore. He has difficulties facing life and reveals unexpected weaknesses.Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Kiskanmak AKA Envy (2009)

    2001-2010DramaTurkeyZeki Demirkubuz


    It’s the 1930s. The Republic Day Ball is in progress in Zonguldak, a coal mining town in Turkey. Among the invited guests are the newcomers to this small and boring town: Halit, an engineer; his gorgeous wife Mukerrem, and Halit’s sister and unwanted household member Seniha. During the ball Seniha realizes she would be the one who determines the destiny of beauty.Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Bekleme odasi aka The Waiting Room (2004)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaTurkeyZeki Demirkubuz


    Zeki Demirkubuz plays the lead character Ahmet who wants to make a film about Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’. He falls into a deep depression, loses interest in the film and life, pushes those who love him away and cannot complete the film.Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Kader aka Destiny (2006)

    Drama2011-2020TurkeyZeki Demirkubuz

    Bekir is in love with Uğur, Uğur is in love with Zagor… Like so many other love stories, this is a simple one-liner. It begins one day in a shop when a man is swept off his feet by a woman. In the course of time, Uğur comes to mean life itself for Bekir. Uğur always comes into the room when Bekir is asleep. For Bekir, sleep and life are akin to an angel or devil, defining on which side of the borderline he stands between sanity and insanity. From that moment on, Bekir finds Uğur beside him whenever he wakes up – which most of the time is in a different town. With Uğur’s presence, Bekir finds life freed of all its absurdity and given instead a single meaning: Uğur. As far as Bekir is concerned, there is no need now to look for any further meaning. His sole form of existence is being with Uğur; it no longer matters which town he is in, which streets he roams, at which tavern he drinks…Read More »

  • Zeki Demirkubuz – Yeralti AKA Inside (2012)

    2011-2020ArthouseDramaTurkeyZeki Demirkubuz


    Turkish filmmaker Zeki Demirkubuz is adapting “Notes from Underground,” Fyodor Dostoevsky’s groundbreaking 19th century novel, for his newest directorial effort, which he is currently shooting in the Turkish capital.

    Filming for the movie, called “Yeraltý” (Underground), has been under way for four weeks now, with actor Engin Günaydýn, praised for his portrayal of a small-town man in the Taylan Brothers’ critically acclaimed 2009 dark comedy “Vavien,” in the leading role.

    Demirkubuz, the director of such acclaimed movies as “Kader” (Destiny) and “Kýskanmak” (Envy), said the long screenplay for the new film was a loose adaptation of Dostoevsky’s existential novella.Read More »

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