Zeki Ökten

  • Zeki Ökten – Kapicilar krali AKA The King of Porters (1976)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaTurkeyZeki Ökten

    As a tragicomic representation of the sudden transformation of Turkey’s social structure in the 1970s, The King of Porters is among the most memorable films in the history of Turkish cinema.

    Seemingly naïve but in fact cunning and crafty Seyit works as a concierge in an apartment building in Istanbul. He lives with his wife who works as a cleaning lady and their two kids. The building houses all types of people from alcoholics to usurers, from retired army officers to public servants. It takes him a couple of fraudulent tricks to strike it rich. Soon the porter turns things to his advantage and secures his place, by finding out about everything going on in the building, and gradually wrapping all the residents around his finger. When he buys more than half of the building the residents’ contempt for him is magically transformed into respect.Read More »

  • Zeki Ökten & Şerif Gören – Kurbagalar aka The Frogs (1985)

    1981-1990DramaŞerif GörenTurkeyZeki Ökten


    The women who called Elmas is earning her life with picking tomatoes, pepper and frog, she was widowed when her husband killed. Elmas survives with her child. She has to work for Bank and Cooperative debit. Also teenagers in the village are disturb her. But she likes Ali who gets his freedom from the prison for 7 years, also Ali likes her too, and he wants to marry with her. But Ali get dislike her after their sex relation for one day. Written by [email protected]Read More »

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