Ziniu Wu

  • Ziniu Wu – Huo hu AKA Sparkling Fox (1994)

    Ziniu Wu1991-2000AdventureChinaFifth Generation Chinese Cinema

    In this metaphysical adventure two very different men come to the same mountain to hunt a special fox and end up hunting each other.Read More »

  • Ziniu Wu – Wan zhong AKA Evening Bell (1989)

    1981-1990ChinaFifth Generation Chinese CinemaWarZiniu Wu

    Five Eighth-Route army soldiers induce a isolated Japanese squad to capitulate.

    Set on the end of WWII, Evening Bell follows a battle-hardened band of five Chinese soldiers struggling across a remote landscape wracked by post-armistice horrors. Stumbling from one grim aftermath to the next, they bury piles of the dead, help terrified peasants disarm landmines and save a Japanese officer from dying of exposure. When the officer leads them to a detachment of thirty-three starving Japanese soldiers, the film becomes a tension-filled standoff. In his films Wu Ziniu attempts to lead audiences below the surface of war to focus on human relationships instead of ideology. Needless to day, his approach to this genre has brought him criticism within China. (His third feature Dove Tree, about the Chinese-Vietnamese Border war, is still banned for its sympathetic treatment of the enemy.) Read More »

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