Zivko Nikolic

  • Zivko Nikolic – Jovana Lukina (1979)

    Zivko Nikolic1971-1980DramaYugoslaviaYugoslavian Cinema under Tito
    Jovana Lukina (1979)
    Jovana Lukina (1979)

    A beautiful young woman lives with her husband in a rocky Montenegrin terrain. The different people who travel by their house share their fates with them, thus generating the evil inside her, and destroying her view of marriage as an idyllic process.Read More »

  • Zivko Nikolic – Lepota poroka AKA The Beauty of Vice (1986)

    Zivko Nikolic1981-1990ComedyDramaYugoslavia

    The Beauty of Vice is a comedy that depicts the chaos of our time, caused by a lack of proper morality, as well as the vacuum in which the foundations of civilization are disappearing.

    This film shows the almost unrecognizably cruel world of Montenegro, whose ravines are ruled by archaic codes and horrible laws of “honor and blood”. An adulteress is punished by hitting a cake on her head with a club, while people in black hiss in the whiteness of the stone rubble. And then George appears, a man who succeeded on the shore. He shatters the petrified world of Medvedja. After him, his married godparents, Jaglika and her robust, simple husband, go to the sea, to a world ruled by money. A meeting of two opposing worlds. Old-fashioned people in contact with the unscrupulous are described.Read More »

  • Zivko Nikolic – Smrt gospodina Goluze AKA Death of Mr Goluza (1982)

    Drama1981-1990YugoslaviaYugoslavian Cinema under TitoZivko Nikolic

    Traveling salesman in a small town before WW2 makes a solemn promise to kill himself.
    Later he finds that the local people took him very seriously.Read More »

  • Zivko Nikolic – Cudo nevidjeno AKA Unseen Wonder (1984)

    1981-1990ArthouseComedyYugoslaviaZivko Nikolic

    The peace of a small fishing village is shattered by the coming of a young, and stunningly beautiful, wife of a local guest-worker. She intends to live in her father’s house, which in the mean-time became a pub. From that moment her revenge begins, toying with to people, their passions and interests. This comic-erotic dimension a lyric element is added, her relation to a local musician. That relation, and the life of the whole village, ends in tragedy.Read More »

  • Zivko Nikolic – Bestije AKA Beasts (1977)

    1971-1980ArthouseDramaYugoslaviaZivko Nikolic


    A Pasolini-esque mythical tale that is probably a metaphor for Serbian-Croatian Yugoslavia of old and its politics. On an island that floats, the leader is an old captain constantly awaiting death who always holds up a picture of himself as a young man, there are dozens of black-clothed crones always hovering in the background, there’s a priest, a sailor, an older woman with desperate lusts, a young man, and various other characters that all seem to represent something. There’s also a law that says that people are not responsible for their actions during a depressing storm. When a beautiful and mysterious woman arrives by boat, she creates havoc, with all the men lusting after her, the women chasing and hating her, as she stirs up dark secrets like greed and lust in the priest’s home, a pregnancy, and deep confused desires from the dying captain. She only seems to get along with the laid-back young man who plays with her. The natives sing traditional song, the atmosphere is earthy and mythical, all leading to a violent metaphorical climax.Read More »

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