Zoltan G. Spencer

  • Zoltan G. Spencer – Danish & Blue (1970)

    1961-1970EroticaExploitationUSAZoltan G. Spencer

    With Danish imports, purporting to be documentary sex films, burning up the box office in 1970, Zoltan Spencer/Spence Crilly cashed in on the craze with the obviously phony DANISH & BLUE, which is neither.
    Gimmick is a guy named Johnny (William Howard) vacationing in Copenhagen for two weeks, anxious to see how they get it on in a freewheeling place where pornography has famously been made legal. After a pre-credits tease with a sex therapist (the scene duly repeated in sequence later in the film where it belongs), we see Johnny attending live sex shows and buying obscene photos in a bookstore. Lame construction has endless travelogue shots of Copenhagen intercut with shots of Johnny “looking” or reacting – he never left Hollywood. Whether this is stock footage or second unit shots is irrelevant; the entire film is patently bogus.Read More »

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