Zoran Tadic

  • Zoran Tadic – Treca zena AKA The Third Woman (1997)

    1991-2000CroatiaMysteryThrillerZoran Tadic

    In the autumn of 1991 Croatia is fighting for independence and the capital Zagreb is plagued by air raid alerts and blackouts. Hela Martinic is a reporter, who returns to her home town from Australia, called by her old friend Vera Kralj. Soon after arrival, she is told her friend was killed in a traffic accident. At the funeral she meets some people who Vera was involved with in some sinister activities and she begins her own investigation…Read More »

  • Zoran Tadic – Ritam Zlocina AKA Rhythm Of Crime (1981)

    1981-1990CrimeDramaYugoslaviaZoran Tadic

    A single teacher allows a stranger to share his home with him before it is to be torn down by developers. The stranger has a fascination with statistics and claims he can predict crimes based on statistical analyses. Intrigued by this talent, the teacher tells a married, female friend that the man seems to have done what he claims. Then the numbers show that there is a slip-up and a murder that was supposed to have occurred, did not. The stranger is adamant that a balance has to be achieved or the whole town will suffer – and he leaves.Read More »

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