Zrinko Ogresta

  • Zrinko Ogresta – S one strane AKA On the Other Side (2016)

    Zrinko Ogresta2011-2020CroatiaDrama

    20 years ago, Vesna moved her family to Zagreb, away from the events that almost destroyed their lives. However, an unexpected call will bring back the memory of a secret that she has been trying to hide all these years.Read More »

  • Zrinko Ogresta – Iza stakla aka Behind The Glass (2008)

    2001-2010CroatiaDramaZrinko Ogresta

    A man has to deal with a handful of crises — some of his own making — in this drama from Croatian writer and director Zrinko Ogresta. Nikolai (Leon Lucev) is an architect whose life is taking a turn for the worse on several levels at once. One of Nikolai’s business partners is attempting to frame him for some serious white-collar crime, his young daughter is demanding more time from him than he’s able to give, his wife Maya (Jandranka Dokic) makes it painfully obvious that she had no respect for him anymore, and his mistress Anna (Daria Lorenci) is growing tired of being the other woman. Anna is also one of Nikolai’s co-workers, which causes problems both at the office and at home, and when both Maya and Anna give him his walking papers, his life goes into a tailspin. Iza Stakla (aka Behind The Glass was an official selection at the 2008 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.Read More »

  • Zrinko Ogresta – Tu AKA Here (2003)

    2001-2010CroatiaDramaZrinko Ogresta

    A panoramic view over society across ten unfortunate characters whose stories sometimes intertwine.Read More »

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