Zülfü Livaneli

  • Zülfü Livaneli – Yer demir gök bakir AKA Iron Earth, Copper Sky (1987)

    1981-1990DramaTurkeyZülfü Livaneli

    Villagers in an Anatolian hamlet dread the arrival of their landlord as there is no money to give him. In desperation they turn to the hated local headman. Tashbash is the only dissenter and when someone recognises him as a saint his life changes.Read More »

  • Zülfü Livaneli – Sis AKA Le Brouillard AKA Mist (1993)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaTurkeyZülfü Livaneli


    Mist is uncertainty.
    A mist which cannot be held with the hand, or even seen with the eye.
    A mist which can comprehend our happiness, our pain, our fears, our contrainment and which encompasses human relationships.
    A mist hanging over a family, a society and an era.
    As stated by Victor Hugo “similar to the volcano’s discharge of stones, the discharge of people” in an era of uncertainty.
    A mist which has taken the lives of 5 000 people within four years.
    The effort of this film is to remember and understand something which is lost and gone in our country’s existence and in our own lives.
    (Zülfü Livaneli)
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  • Zülfü Livaneli – Veda (2010)

    2001-2010DramaTurkeyZülfü Livaneli

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    A friendship started in childhood in Selanico firstly turned into comrade in arms and then a half century brotherhood and fraternity following the same ideals until the death upon proclamation of the Republic. It was so immense brotherhood that when one passed away, the other heartedly wished the same.

    The story of a generation challenging the death! The film is not merely about the life of Ataturk; instead, it is a torch enlightening a particular period and it is very humane in that it also analyzes the brotherhood, war, love and affection. “Veda” is the story of a brotherhood, portrayal of milestones in Ataturk’s life and the story of a commander commanding a generation that challenged the death to save the homeland. Salih Bozok, the number one witness of the time, narrates this story.
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