How to Download

To download most of the files hosted on cinema of the world you need to be a Premium member on nitroflare

As a premium user follow any link on the website and you will be redirected to nitrofile website where the file is hosted

In only two clicks you’d be able to download the file

Reminder: all the files from the website are compressed in .RAR format, extract and enjoy the content.

Side Notes

For mobile/smartphone users or any other operating system the download process it’s the same.

All the files from the website are either compressed in .RAR or common formats.

All the videos from the website are very known formats like .AVI .MP4 or .WMV and any Operating System can run them.

All the films posted on the website are tested before they are published, also we have specified in the post if a film has no sound, has any issues or have a poor video quality (there are some posts to be updated).

As a free user, follow any link on the website and you will be redirected to nitrofile where the file is hosted, scroll down a bit and prove you are not a robot by solving the riddle. Go for slow download, wait the 90 seconds timer then save it on your PC/mobile.

Side Programs

– Usually all the operating systems have a build-in program to be able to extract the files from compressed .RAR, but if you can’t extract/open the compressed .RAR file you can use “Win-Rar” or “7-zip“, both programs are free to use.

– Can’t open .PDF files? you can use Adobe Reader free to use program, if you don’t want the “Optional offers” that Adobe Reader have included, uncheck them.

– You can’t open the film? have no sound? can’t render the file? You should check if your media player have all the codecs required.

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