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2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 2 requests please.


  1. please post it with english subtitles. thanks

  2. One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train 1988

    The crying woman 1979

    I love you 1986

    Travolta et moi

    please please

  3. Approaching the Elephant (2014)

  4. Tales of Terror (1962) if possible w/ audio commentary by Tim Lucas Thanks!

  5. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, Albert Serra “Liberté” (2019). Link:


  6. Diamant spergebied – South African Film made between 1955 and 1975

  7. Is it ok to post links to movies here? If not, is there a way to contact you to sent you links? I have a collection of films with some stuff that you and others might like. Feel free to contact me offline; thanks!

  8. Leyla Gencer: La Diva Turca (2019)


  9. A Hundred and One Nights (1955) by agnes varda

  10. Hi, can I request Leaving No Trace (2000) also known as Sin Dejar Huella by Maria Novaro thanks

  11. The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet (Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam, 1998)

    Thank you

  12. Sauvage innocence (Philippe Garrel – 2001

  13. La Provinciale (1980/Claude Goretta)

    Thank you!

  14. Moment to Moment (1966)
    Director: Mervyn LeRoy
    Stars: Jean Seberg

    1080p or HD


  15. L’escapade (1974) de Michel Soutter

  16. Cherry Blossoms in Spring – Seijun Suzuki (1983)

    Thanks for all the Suzukis!

  17. Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis – Akio Jissoji (1988)

    Thanks for all the Jissojis 🙂

  18. The Drifting Classroom – Nobuhiko Obayashi (1987)

    Thanks for all the Obayashis!

  19. Please, upload Gavagai (2016) please, it is so hard to find, i beg you

  20. Concerto per Michelangelo (1977)

    Thank you very much!

  21. Berlin-Yerushalaim (1989)

    Thanks in advance.


    Can’t find it anywhere… Can you?


  23. The Blood of Wolves (2018)

    Thank you for your hard work

  24. Ludzie z pociagu / The People from the Train (1961)

  25. Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Longing to see it.

  26. bath of life 2018 please thank you

  27. Endless Night (2019) by Eloy Enciso would be great! Thanks!

  28. Liberté (2019) by Albert Serra would be great! Thanks!

  29. Vitalina Varela (2019) by Pedro Costa would be great! Thanks!

  30. Hotaru (Firefly) -Naomi Kawase (2000)

    Thank you.

  31. Néstor Delgado Morales

    Please, The Otolith Group “Medium Earth” (2013) Link:


  32. Muti thrishing AKA The Perfect Girl (Pelden Dorji & Tshering Gyeltshen, 2005)

    Thank you

  33. Sa Karnali (Kiran Krishna Shrestha, 2006)

    Thank you

  34. Once upon a time in Bolivia

    Thanks in advance!

  35. The Reports on Sarah and Saleem, 2018 thanksss

  36. Frontier Woman-1956- imdb 0048097.

  37. Money / Pengar – en tragikomisk saga (Nils Poppe, 1946)

    Thank you

  38. May I request Mouna Raagam, 1986, Mani Ratnam. and many thanks for Ulrich Köhler, In my Room, You’re the best 🙂

  39. Yun shui yao AKA The Knot ( Li Yin, 2006)

    Thank you

  40. L’Amour des femmes (1981) de Michel Soutter

  41. Hungry Hearts (2014), by Saverio Costanzo
    In 1080p or 720p if possible?
    Thank you!

  42. Etsba Elohim / Out of the Blue (2008)


  43. Land of Fear (1999)
    with English subtitles please 🙂

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