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  1. Hello.

    First of all, I must say this is a brilliant site full of great and forgotten gems, so much appreciated for all your hard work 🙂

    My request, if possible, would be – The Sun Above, Death Below ( 1968 ) (Japanese title: Sogeki / 狙撃 )

    Is it possible to find this movie anywhere? I´ve been searching for this movie for a few years, but to no avail.


  2. Hello worldscinema.Could You Please Upload Sunless Shadows (2019) an Iranian Documentry made by mehrdad oskouei

  3. The First Circle [V kruge pervom] (Panfilov, 2006)

    Many thanks

  4. Please, ignore my last request (“Rich and Famous”). My 2nd request is:
    Pride of the Marines, by Delmer Daves

  5. Giorni di gloria (1945)

    Thank you very much!

  6. hello, I’m looking for these two films:

    A River Runs, Turns, Erases, Replaces (2021)

    Espíritu sagrado (2021)

    thank you!

  7. and
    Marek Piestrak’s ‘Tear Of The Prince Of Darkness’ 1993

  8. Hi!
    Pupi Avati’s ‘All Deceased Except The Dead’ 1977

  9. One Day You’ll Understand (2008) / Amos Gitai

  10. Jean-François Davy
    “L’attentat (1966)”

  11. hello, is it possible to find this documentary with english subtitles?

    Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror (2021)

  12. Hi, can you please find Claudine Eizykman’s V.W. Vitesse Women (1974)?

    thank you.)

  13. Jean-Bernard Lucas


    I remember that, a few months ago, you have put, on your web site, the following movie which is not available anymore : Fog Line by Larry Gottheim (1970).

    Could you put it back ?

    Many thanks in advance (and all my congratulations for the marvels you offer us each day).

    Truly yours,

    J-B Lucas

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