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1) Please Search before making a request.
2) One Time One Movie Request Only.
3) Weekly Maximum 2 requests please.
4) Multi Accounts – Ban


  1. “Michael Obert – Song from the Forest” the file is no longer available. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    1980-Clarence and Angel (Clarence und Angel)

    Thanks again..

  3. Hi,

    1979-Bezposrednie polaczenie

    Thanks a lot

  4. My second request is:
    Rushing Green with Horses (2019)
    Dir. Ute Aurand

  5. Hi, my first request is
    Un monde flottant (2020)
    Dir. Jean-Claude Rousseau

  6. Is “Souad” already available or do we have to wait a bit longer?:

  7. Hi,

    I’m looking for “Shijie [The World] (Jia Zhangke, 2004)”.

    Many thanks!

  8. Double Happiness (1994):
    Thank you.

  9. Virgile Bramly and Julia Ducournau – Mange AKA Eat (2012)

  10. Any chance that these two are available?

    Caravaggio, il pittore maledetto (1941)

    Quartetto Basileus (1982)

  11. I’d like to request Drömmen om Rita, if it’s available:


  12. Nafi’s Father

    Thank you so much.

  13. Final Account because now it is available on amazon, please.

  14. I hope that this new request from me is not a fault in relation to your rules between requests (I don’t think so …).
    Thank you for the previous ones anyway.

    – All the king’s men,

    – Kamigata kugaizoshi,

  15. Jet Generation (1968):

    With English subs please and less than 1G parts if I can ask.

    Thank you very much.

  16. Thanks for your answer! If it is not available, I would go for:

    Le Ciel de Paris, by Michel Béna

    Thank you!

  17. Michael Glawogger & Ulrich Seidl –
    “Krieg in Wien / War in Vienna (1989)”

  18. and
    Kinji Fukusaku’s ‘Fall Guy’ 1982

  19. Hi!
    Tetsuya Nakashima’s ‘Paco And The Magical Picture Book’ 2008

  20. Next up, looking for a low-budget indie that all but disappeared:
    The Wolf Knife (2010)

  21. I’d like this one if available:

    The Scary of Sixty-First (2021)

    Thanks for this fantastic website.

  22. 2nd request:

    Ma’a al-Fidda (aka Eau Argentée), by Wiam Bedirxan and Ossama Mohammed


  23. Hi, sir! Thanks for all! 1st request:
    L’intervallo, by L. Di Costanzo

  24. Would be awesome if you can find the following:
    1) Junk Head (2017)

    2) The Man Who Knew 75 Languages (2017)

    Thanks very much in advance

  25. Das Kaninchen bin ich by Kurt Maetzig, 1965

  26. Das rote Zimmer by Rudolf Thome, 2010

  27. L’età del ferro (1965)

    Thank you very much!

  28. Mudar de Vida (1966)

    Thank you very much!

  29. A 1080p rip of Alice Rohrwacher’s short “Quattro Strade” (2021) would be great. I think it is streaming on Mubi in some countries. Thanks!

  30. “Rembrandt” by A. Korda


  31. “S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine” by Panh


  32. Hello! Two new requests, please! 🙂

    Pour Elsa


    Las Ninas

    Thank you! 🙂

  33. Jean-Bernard Lucas


    I remember that, a few months ago, you have put, on your web site, the following movie which is not available anymore : Fog Line by Larry Gottheim (1970).

    Could you put it back ?

    Many thanks in advance (and all my congratulations for the marvels you offer us each day).

    Truly yours,

    J-B Lucas

  34. Yun shui yao AKA The Knot ( Li Yin, 2006)

    Thank you

  35. Land of Fear (1999)
    with English subtitles please 🙂

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