• Tinto Brass – Col cuore in gola AKA Deadly Sweet (1967)

    1961-1970GialloItalyMysteryTinto Brass

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    A rather unusual agenda from Tinto Brass who obviously found later his niche in “t&a” movies. Col cuore in Gola is a psychedelic, pop art giallo that can just come from the great era of the late 60´s/70´s. Starting from the nice credits and music you immediately like this film and this is just the beginning! Trintignant founds in a nightclub a corpse beside the lovely Aulin who just says “I wasn’t it”. Convinced that she is innocent he wants to help her and want to find out the murderer, Aulins brother should solve this case and both are searching for him. Though not quite without problems… a dwarf in raincoat is following them in companion with some gangsters who kidnap Aulin. Jean is now searching for Aulin, Aulins brother and (of course) the murderer. The Story itself is not that convincing (rather unimportant) but what here is really of interest is the unconvential style of brass : splitscreen (even tripple split screens!) some scenes in black and dark yellow filter and more.., and in the “middle” of course the presence of two very convincing leads: cool Trintignant and hot Ewa Aulin.Read More »

  • Horst Geisler – Das ungewöhnliche Leben der Lilian Harvey (1983)

    1981-1990DocumentaryGermanyHorst Geisler

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    Made for Bavarian TV in 1983, this documentary traces the life and films of the most popular female star of the late Weimar cinema, Lilian Harvey. From the very beginnings in some films by Richard Eichberg to her eminent stardom together with Willy Fritsch in classics like “Der Kongress tanzt”, her subsequent time in Hollywood and her return to Germany because of her love for director Paul Martin, to her escape from the nazis and her later life, the film gives a fine portrait of the actress and the big changes in the German film industry of the 20s and 30s.Read More »

  • Víg Mihály – Filmzenek (Music From The Films Of Béla Tarr) (2001)

    2001-2010Béla TarrHungarySoundtrack


    1. Föcim (Track 1-6: Öszi Almanach) 1:13
    2. Lukin 1:37
    3. Õskígyó 1:27
    4. Lengyelország 1:42
    5. Pajesz 2:00
    6. Synth 1:46
    7. Csille (Track 7-13: Kárhozat) 1:33
    8. Kész Az Egész 8:18
    9. Esõ I. 4:24
    10. R and R 4:47
    11. Lassú Tánc 5:05
    12. Körtánc I. 5:38
    13. Vonósnégyes 1:44
    14. Harang I. (Track 14-20: Sátántangó) 2:47
    15. Esõ II. 1:40
    16. Halics 3:46
    17. Szabad Egy Tangót 3:04
    18. Körtánc II. 5:23
    19. Pityi 0:13
    20. Harang II. 1:33
    21. Valuska (Track 21-22: Werckmeister Harmóniák) 4:14
    22. Öreg 10:00
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  • Cahiers du cinéma – Cahiers du Cinéma Vol. 1 [No.1-300] (1951 – 1979)


    Cahiers du cinéma needs no introduction. No other french film magazine can claim more glory and renown, although Louis Delluc’s Cinéa published in the early 1920s comes close. Like other great magazines, Filmkritik in Germany springs to mind, its pages were sensitive to the constant shiftings, reversals, rediscoveries, ruptures and reconciliations, personal and political, of a now legendary band of contributors and fellow travellers. From Bazin to Rohmer to Godard to Comolli and Daney, from auteurism to Maoism,, from Eisenstein to Straub to Renoir to Mezoguchi, on the pages of Cahiers the drama of the birth of modern cinephilia played itself out, red in tooth and claw.Read More »

  • Naoyuki Tomomatsu – Karei naru erogami-ke no ichizoku: Shinsô reijô wa denki shitsuji no yume o miru ka AKA Erotibot (2011)

    2011-2020CampJapanNaoyuki TomomatsuSci-Fi

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    Plot Synopsis
    Tamayo, a lovable girl, is taken care of by a prominent family. However, she is the love child of business tycoon and his lover but lives with him and his arranged wife’s family and granddaughter, Tsukiyo who hates Tamayo. Her crime lord father has arranged 3
    android bodyguards to protect her. The first android is handsome & has great skills.
    The second has beast-like strength, and the third is less skillful. One day the father gets hospitalized and his will is found. The will says that he is leaving his fortune solely to Tamayo. When Tsukiyo knows this she plots to regain her inheritance.Read More »

  • Bogdan Mustata – O zi buna de plaja aka A Good Day For A Swim (2007)

    2001-2010Bogdan MustataCrimeRomaniaShort Film


    winner of the Golden Bear 2008 for International Short Film

    This harrowing short film — winner of the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin Film Festival — follows the trail of a trio of young sociopaths as they pick up a young woman they find at the side of the road and take her to the beach for a day of amoral pursuits. Not for the squeamish.

    “The compelling story, sparingly told, of three juvenile delinquents who break out of prison. The beach beckons. Violence is nothing but a game. And the wedding is celebrated in handcuffs.“ (Maike Mia Höhne)Read More »

  • ? – The Opium Den (1935)


    “The Opium Den, from 1935, follows. Three jacked-up junkies pretend to bugger each other with sausages, dildos, and bananas. Lucky for them a lady shows up to provide them a heterosexual outlet for their desires. Oddly, they spend an inordinate amount of time smoking, laughing, and fiddling with their disguises. Yes, these folks are wearing fake noses, heavy make-up, and glasses. Their disguises lay bear the reality of how taboo pornography must’ve been in the 1930’s, especially when one considers the setting for their sexcapades, an opium den. Only junkies and degenerates have illicit sex and take illicit drugs, right? Well, at least the conflation of drugs and sex probably made the “upstanding” middle-class consumers of this stuff feel superior to the bodies projected on their walls. Eventually everyone gets nude, two of the men leave, and a chunky fellow slides his long screwdriver into The Night Mare. The fucking is pretty hot, The Night Mare seems to have mysterious gripping powers inside of her vagina–she almost consumes and spits out the junkie’s cock with every thrust. The junkie pulls out and ejaculates all over himself.”Read More »

  • Isaac Isitan – 2 Eylül Direnisi aka La Résistance du 2 Septembre (1977)

    1971-1980DocumentaryFranceIsaac IsitanPoliticsTurkey

    A slightly altered google translation of a summary:
    Here is the struggle for the border of the city. There are those who decide who is in and who stays out. Here it is in 1977, they reppress solidarity, they repress movement of those who come together to be just human. Land speculators according to the Government.Read More »

  • Miraz Bezar – Min Dit: The Children of Diyarbakir AKA Before Your Eyes (2009)

    2001-2010DramaGermanyMiraz BezarTurkey


    An extraordinary performance by a 10-year-old girl anchors “The Children of Diyarbakir,” the debut feature of Miraz Bezar. Set in the predominantly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, the pic takes a straightforward, non-sensationalized approach to the tragic story of a brother and sister orphaned when their parents are assassinated by a secret-services paramilitary officer. Though it shows its first-feature origins, the film has moments, especially toward the end, that so transcend the material as to make the journey doubly worthwhile. A healthy fest life is assured, while Euro arthouse play isn’t out of the question.
    Though less inspired, the early scenes do the necessary work of introducing characters and establishing a mood: Gulistan (Senay Orak) and her younger brother, Firat (Muhammed Al), have a normal childhood with their mom (Fahriye Celik) and dad (Alisan Onlu) and new baby brother. Dad is a Kurdish journalist; on their way back from a wedding, the family is stopped by three gunmen, who shoot the parents dead in front of the kids. The brief scene is all the more powerful because Bezar downplays any excess in either the lensing or editing.Read More »

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