Edgar Reitz – Kommunikation – Technik der Verständigung aka Communication (1961)

An industry film for the West German Post Office. The use of the latest communications technology to link up the world. A technophile ballet in the mysterious world of relays, very high frequency channels and decimeter bridges. Read More »

Nils Malmros – Kærestesorger AKA Aching Hearts (2009)

A bunch of 15-year-olds in Viborg make their first experiences with love, kissing and sexuality, coming together and drifting apart. The film follows the adolescents over a three-year-period, focusing on the relationship between Jonas and Agnete, which is made difficult by misconceptions, Agnete’s interest for philosophy and Jonas’s friend Toke, her father’s mental illness and Jonas’s own indecision regarding his feelings for her. The story ends when the protagonists finish school. Read More »

Marcelo Gomes – Joaquim (2017)

A film that examines a key episode in the life of Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes, who led the first uprising against Portuguese rule in the late 18th century. Read More »

Albertina Carri – Las hijas del fuego AKA The Daughters of Fire (2018)

Three women meet by chance at the end of the world, in Argentinian Patagonia, and set out on a polyamorous journey, caught up in the search for new kinds of relationships, far from possession and pain. They become the Daughters of Fire, a band dedicated to helping those women who look for their own path to erotica. Read More »

Kevin Kopacka – Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes (2021)

A couple spend eternity in a castle until their reality starts to shift, as the unknown moves into their lives. Read More »

Evgeniy Evtushenko – Detskiy sad AKA Kindergarten (1984) 

Film memoir of the Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko about his wartime childhood, when he alone reached the station of the Siberian winter, where he was waiting for relatives. The road was unusually long, cold, hungry and angry. Read More »

Satoshi Uemine – Sizuka no Umi AKA Sea of Tranquility (2004)

The film was made by the Japanese visual artist Satoshi Uemine, and DVD released in 2005. This silent, personal movie bears and reflects the traces of the re-encounter between the director and his girlfriend, who had been hospitalized because of her deteriorating mental condition. Almost all scenes were shot in Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. Although nothing dramatic happens here, Sizuka no Umi builds a series of beautiful images that are raw, honest, and passionate. Read More »