Ana Mendieta – Ana Mendieta – Selected Performance Works (1973-1981)

This used to be on vimeo for quite a while but has since vanished. From the looks of it and the credits to a curator at the end, it was probably compiled for an exhibition and taken down after it ended. There’s no official record or entry of this anywhere as this is not an official release, just an unofficial compilation. Read More »

Harry Dodge – By Hook or by Crook (2001)

From IMDB:
Shy, a small-town butch with a nagging messiah complex, heads to the big city to immerse herself in a life of crime. On her journey, she meets her match in Valentine, a wise-acre adoptee who is searching for her birth-mother. The two lonely grifters join forces and embark on a journey through the skid-row streets of San Francisco and learn the true meaning of poise under pressure and the importance of friendship. Read More »

Ray Lawrence – Bliss (Director’s Cut) (1985)

An advertising executive dies and goes to hell… except nothing changes. Well, his daughter is buying drugs with sexual favours from her brother, and the number of cancer-causing products is on the increase. But the notes he writes to himself to prove he hasn’t gone insane are getting more disjointed, and he runs off with an ex-prostitute called Honey Barbera. Read More »

Tomislav Radic – Sto je Iva snimila 21. listopada 2003. aka What Iva Recorded (2005)

Plot summary (found on IMDB):
Iva is a girl who receives a small digital video camera for her fourteenth birthday. Delighted by her new toy, the girl immediately starts taping everything around her, recording a series of events surrounding her birthday celebration on her first tape. These ninety minutes form the film What Iva Recorded on October 21st, 2003. Read More »

Brian Welsh – Beats (2019)

Scotland. 1994. As the Criminal Justice Bill clamps down on UK rave culture, ‘Beats’ tells the story of two teenage boys, best mates discovering music, sexuality, rebellion and the irresistible power of gathered youth. Set to a soundtrack as eclectic and electrifying as the scene it gave birth to, ‘Beats’ is the story of the jilted generation.

Beats is a coming-of-age story that works regardless of (post-rave) generation. Teenagers finding their way in the world. Best friends struggling to deal with change. The excitement of drugs, sexual awakening and being part of something bigger than oneself. A universal story of friendship, rebellion and the irresistible power of gathered youth – set to soundtrack as eclectic and electrifying as the scene it gave birth to, BEATS is a story for our time. Read More »

Clive Donner – What’s New Pussycat (1965)

A playboy who refuses to give up his hedonistic lifestyle to settle down and marry his true love seeks help from a demented psychoanalyst who is having romantic problems of his own. Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Une balle au coeur (1966)

Francesco, a young Sicilian aristocrat, scars an aging gangster who has set out to take away his property. The gangster vows to obtain vengeance, and Francesco is forced to flee across Greece with his girl friend, pursued by his antagonist’s vicious henchmen. Read More »