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Jean Aurel – Lamiel (1967)

‘Lamiel (Anna Karina) is a poor orphan girl who climbs her way to the social elite in this 19th-century costume drama. A doctor (Michel Bouquet) lives vicariously through Anna as he oversees the progress of his female protege. Lamiel finds love with a young thief who steals into her bedroom after her marriage to a penniless count (Jean-Clause Brialy), and the two experience a romantic rendezvous of forbidden love after Lamiel goes from being a poor peasant woman to living a life of comparative luxury.’
– Dan Pavlides (AllMovie) Read More »

Gilles Carle – La vie heureuse de Léopold Z AKA The Merry World of Leopold Z (1965)

One 24 December, Léopold Tremblay, 32 years old, a snow removal worker, is busy with the snowstorm falling on Montreal. But he must also think of buying gifts for his wife and son, picking up his cousin returning from the South at the train station, and moving furniture for his friend Théo. At 11 p.m., the snow lets up and Léopold can finally go to midnight mass at St. Joseph’s Oratory, where his son sings in the choir. Read More »

István Gaál – Tisza-öszi vázlatok AKA Tisza – Fall Sketches (1963)

The first signs of autumn are seen in a landscape along a river. Some villagers are stacking a bed of stone blocks on the river-bank to avoid more eroding. Others are occupied by plowing, fishing or repairing. A small steamboat passes by. In the engine room a stoker is shoveling coal into the oven. Further down the river a small town is passed by the water. A rowing-team is training for coming races. Some biologists are looking at microbes from the water through a microscope. A group of workers are painting a new barge and push it into the river. When a small boy sees a racing boat, he leaves his sand-castle and runs along the river. Read More »

Roman Polanski – Le gros et le maigre aka The Fat and the Lean (1961)

A small and thin barefoot slave (played by Polanski) plays a flute and beats a drum to entertain his large master who rocks in a rocking chair in front of his mansion. The slave jumps and leaps like a madman, wipes his master’s brow, feeds him, washes his feet, shades him from the sun with an umbrella and holds a urinal for him. Read More »

Woody Allen – The Woody Allen Special (1969)

Here’s an edited synopsis from the website TV Party:
Promoted by Woody as “an hour of horny comedy,” the show was refreshingly adult by the standards of 1969 network TV. After wacky animated titles that depicted Allen as an astronaut, a guillotine victim and Virgil Starkwell, his Take The Money & Run character and after the first of 3 very funny Libby’s commercials featuring Tony Randall as detective Justice Dunn, the show opens with the monologue. Read More »

Wim Wenders – Silver City Revisited (1969)

“I was very impressed by the views from the different apartments in which I lived as a student in Munich. And I had a postcard collection. And in the attic of the film school I found a collection of old 78 Shellac records and numbered them consecutively with the same title: MOOD MUSIC. A recording mix did not happen. With the 16mm projector of the film school, I recorded them directly onto the audio track by rule of thumb.” – Wim Wenders Read More »

Satyajit Ray – Abhijaan AKA The Expedition (1962)

Abhijan was Satyajit Ray’s most popular film in Bengal: a “conscious” effort to communicate with a wider audience. The project was originally conceived by his friends and Ray stepped in when they panicked at the prospect of directing. Ray’s mastery turned a starkly conventional plot into a subtly nuanced story which topped the Bengali box office for months. Read More »