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Hsiao-Hsien Hou – Tóngnián wangshì AKA A Time to Live and a Time to Die (1985)

The semi-autobiographical film on director Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s childhood and adolescence, when he was growing up in Taiwan, living through the deaths of his father, mother and grandmother. Read More »

Claude Chabrol – Une affaire de femmes AKA Story of Women (1988) (HD)

A housewife in Nazi-occupied France struggles to make ends meet when her husband returns home after being wounded in the war.

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★★★★½ Added by marcricov 03 Jul 2020

Leave it up to Isabelle Huppert to perform abortions and shelter prostitutes while dealing with a drunken husband and parenting two kids alone during World War II. Ha! This woman never ceases to amaze me. An outstanding performance wrapped in an important story. Read More »

Pierre Jolivet – Strictement personnel (1985)

Starring the dependable Pierre Arditi with a very bad case of unshakable hangdog expression, as well as Jean Reno, Pierre Jolivet’s first movie as a director (he had also co-written “Le Dernier Combat” with Luc Besson) , “Strictement Personnel” is – in some ways – a typical paranoid French thriller, in which the main character gets reunited with his estranged family, with some not-altogether-successful dream flashes. Read More »

Teo Hernandez – Citron pressé au Blue Bar (Souvenirs Cannes) AKA Squeezed lemon at the Blue Bar (Cannes Memories) (1984)

According to Hernández, the banner of the Cannes Festival shows its three premises: glory, money and politics. He presented a film on that date and makes Citron pressé au Blue Bar as a critic and a newspaper at the same time.

If you film the banal, the naive and the superficial of the atmosphere in Cannes at that time, it is for nothing more than to rescue the beauty of the water of its sea. Read More »

Mircea Daneliuc – Iacob (1988)

Iacob, a Transylvanian miner, is wrongly suspected of having stolen some gold. As punishment, he is transferred to another mine, farther away from his home. The effort is gruelling, the way home never-ending. Read More »

Anne-Marie Miéville – Mon cher sujet AKA My Dear Subject (1988)

From birth to death every subject remains intact. Three ages, three women. Daughter, mother, grandmother. Each of them before and after still and always. And the men too, those they meet those they love. Read More »

Brahim Tsaki – Histoire d’une rencontre aka Hikayat liqa’ aka Tale of an Encounter (1983)

The pure fire of silence

She’s playing tennis against the fence, she’s alone, with her back to the court, she takes a few steps to pick up a ball that has not been returned to her by this fence ; her steps, gestures and the sound of the ball in the racket are already making a kind of rhythm, a small ballet reduced to its simplest expression. The camera advances on the courtyard, crosses the gate, fixes itself on a torchiere in the distance. That’s the color of her hair.
Credits: still images and spitting fire have the same rhythm as her racket strikes, then the same rhythm as the shutter release of her camera which finds her in the second scene. Read More »