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Lars von Trier – Idioterne AKA The Idiots [+Extras] (1998)

“Idioterne is the cinematic equivalent of a knife in your gut. The Idiots is altogether a complex, maddening, devastating, kaleidoscopic one-of-a-kind viewing experience.” Read More »

Ruth Beckermann – Jenseits des Krieges AKA East of War (1996)

White-tiled rooms, neon lighting; on the walls black and white photographs from an exhibition entitled ,Vernichtungskrieg’ (War of Extermination) documenting the atrocities committed by the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front. Against this background, Ruth Beckermann and cameraman Peter Roehsler have filmed former soldiers talking about their experiences beyond the bounds of ,normal’ warfare. With a mixture of helplessness, impotence, shame, opportunism and undiminished fanaticism, witnesses from that time tell of atrocities such as the shootings of Russian prisoners-of-war, the murder of Jews and abuse of women. The differing accounts of these events demonstrate how selective perception was even in this most inhuman and brutal of environments. Read More »

Cauleen Smith – Drylongso (1998)

A snapshot of a young woman who feels deeply the value and vulnerability of everyone’s life but her own. Pica, our hero, is a girl with a mission. Armed with a Polaroid camera, and charming savvy, she is determined to document the existence of young black men. She, like many, is convinced that they are an endangered species – soon to be extinct. Her obsessive snaphots lead her to many eccentric neighborhood characters who force her to recognize the value of her own life and work. Read More »

Zbigniew Rybczynski – Films & Videos by Zbig Rybczynski III: The Orchestra (1990)

(as seen on TV: “Stairway to Lenin”, “Funeral March”, “Ave Maria” and more)

This production received following awards:

“Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects” 1990

“Prix Italia”

“Grand Prix”
International Electronic Cinema Festival, Tokyo-Montreux 1990

“Grand Prix”
A.V.A. Festival in Tokyo 1991

“Hi Vision Award”
Tokyo 1990 Read More »

Vladimir Kobrin – …Absolyutno iz nichego… AKA Absolutely from Nothing (1997)

The story of this film began 16th of November, 1974. When a encrypted radio transmission was sent from Earth to inhabitants of extraterrestrial world…
The film’s name Kobrin took from Hegel’s “Philosophy of Religion”. But now, Kobrin granted the ability to speak to the “kitchen” philosopher – Semen Semenych.
From nothing to… Homo Insanicus. Read More »

Noémie Lvovsky – Oublie-moi AKA Forget Me (1994)

Cahiers du Cinéma chose Oublie-moi as its no. 5 pick of 1995 on its annual Top 10 list. Oublie-moi is directed by award-winning director Noémie Lvovsky (whose Les Sentiments was recently recognized as one of the greatest films of 2003 by long-standing Cahiers rival, Positif). Along with being one of the most accomplished and critically well-regarded new directors from France Lvovsky has also had her scripts filmed by the likes of Arnaud Desplechin and Philippe Garrell. Oublie-moi is also one of her original scripts. Read More »

Shunji Iwai – Suwarôteiru AKA Swallowtail Butterfly [+Extras] (1996)

The struggles of a group of immigrant outcasts living in an alternative-future, xenophobic Japanese metropolis.

After a young girl’s mother dies, she is cared for by Glico, a brassy hooker, who gives the girl the name “Ageha” (Butterfly). Ageha goes to work for a collection of oddballs who run a junkyard and salvage business. Read More »