• Wesley Emerson – Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes (1998)

    1991-2000DocumentaryEroticaUSAWesley Emerson

    Fascinating piece of Americana. Recommended!, 2 March 2000
    Author: Jens Kofoed-Pihl from Copenhagen, Denmark

    For a documentary “Wadd” ain’t so innovating, and maybe it’s too long but still my eyes were glued to screen. I knew John was a cokefiend and involved in a mob hit but I didn’t really knew he was vicious wife beater and a chronic liar/schizo that fed the cops info on pornproducers in the early 70’s. “Wadd” isn’t that pornographic (no penetration scenes) it’s more of a tragic story of a not too bright kid with the world’s biggest “tool”. Lots of people from the adult industry are interviewed (Goldstein, Flynt, Sharon Mitchell, Ciccolina etc.) as you would expect but also cops, lawyers, journalists and guys like Paul “Boggie Nights” Anderson are included. I know it’s almost impossible to make Holmes-docu that isn’t interesting but “Wadd” is a fascinating and important portrait of a legend that some called The Elvis Of Pornography!Read More »

  • Cédric Kahn – L’Ennui (1998)

    1991-2000ArthouseCédric KahnDramaFrance

    Engrossing, erotic and sometimes comic, L’ENNUI tells the story of restless philosophy professor Martin (Charles Berling), tired of teaching and troubled by the happiness of his ex-wife (Arielle Dombasle).

    His mid-life crisis takes a turn when he meets the young, enigmatic and far from intellectual Cecilia (Sophie Guillemin), with whom he embarks upon a sexually-charged affair.Read More »

  • Derek Jarman – The Garden (1990)

    1981-1990ArthouseDerek JarmanExperimentalQueer Cinema(s)United Kingdom

    A powerful experience which delves into territories of madness and transcendence, The Garden is a statement about director Derek Jarman’s anger over the AIDS crisis. Produced by James Mackay (Blue, The Kingdom of Shadows), it is an intellectual, thought-provoking, and visually imagination experience that fans of the filmmaker won’t want to miss. A must-see gem.Read More »

  • Ingmar Bergman – Larmar och gör sig till AKA In the Presence of a Clown (1997)

    1991-2000ArthouseDramaIngmar BergmanSweden

    Inventor Carl Åkerblom is a rosy-cheeked 54 year-old admirer of Franz Schubert – and a patient in the psychiatric ward of Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, after having attempted to beat to death his fiancée, Pauline Thibault. Together with another patient, Professor Osvald Vogler, they set up a film project: the living talkie. Before long, they set off on a frantic tour with their film, “The Joy of the Joyous Girl”… Written by Fredrik KlassonRead More »

  • Juan José Campanella – The Boy Who Cried Bitch (1991)

    1991-2000ExploitationJuan José CampanellaThrillerUSA

    This disturbing tale is as intensely dark and twisted as the relationship between the psychotic boy and the neglectful, mentally unstable mother it chronicles. The story opens as 12-year-old Danny Love holds a gun to his mother Candice’s head. The events that led him there provide the bulk of the film. Molested by a Vietnam Vet and ignored by his mother, the boy seems to have a boundless well-spring of hatred. Following the child abuse, he becomes increasingly strange and evil, forcing Candice to send him to a mental hospital. There things only get worse as he causes even more trouble for his fellow inmates, the staff and himself.Read More »

  • Carlos Carrera – Sin remitente AKA Return to Sender (1995)

    1991-2000Carlos CarreraDramaMexico

    Tired and frustrated of being constantly awaken at midnight by his noisy young neighbor Mariana (Scanda), old Don Andres (Torre Laphame) engages himself into a solitaire crusade against his torturer. When Mariana’s party is struck by a police raid, she plots her cruel revenge. The anonymous love-letters she writes for the old man will conduct him to the fields of unrequited love, where Don Andres has never been in his entire life.Read More »

  • Laurent Cantet – Ressources humaines AKA Human Resources (1999)

    1991-2000DramaFranceLaurent Cantet

    Multi Cannes-award winning French film explores the depth of family ties as a young man is forced to fire his father. Franck (Jalil Lespert), a business student in Paris, returns to his hometown to do a year’s practical internship at the factory his father (Jean-Claude Vallod) has worked at for 30 years. He renews ties with his family and is welcomed back to their bosom. The rosy glow soon diminishes when it appears his position is in the Human Resources department – the division charged with forcing the workforce to accept a rather unsavoury proposal and resolve a brooding labour dispute. The dispute soon becomes personal with father on one side and son on the other. Also included is a short film by director Laurent Cantet – ‘Les Sanguinnaires’ – in which a group of friends decide to flee Paris to escape the global countdown to the new millennium. They exile themselves on a remote island but the world can’t be escaped that easily.Read More »

  • Bertrand Tavernier – Capitaine Conan AKA Captain Conan (1996)

    1991-2000Bertrand TavernierDramaFranceWar

    The war exploits of French captain Conan and his men during World War I and during the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War.Read More »

  • Simone Bitton & Elias Sanbar – Mahmoud Darwich : Et la terre, comme la langue… (1998)

    Simone Bitton1991-2000DocumentaryElias SanbarFrance

    In the powerful documentary “Mahmoud Darwich,” Simone Bitton interviews the famed Palestinian poet about his art, life, and relationship with his homeland. Bitton explores the connection between the poet and the land of which he writes but has not been allowed to visit. His life and the development of his art is retraced, from his experience as a young man living in Jerusalem, to exile in Beirut and Tunis, where he became an active supporter of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and finally to Paris, where he currently resides and cloisters himself in his work.Read More »

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