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Radwan El-Kashef – Arak el-balah AKA Date Wine (1998)

This Egyptian feature film has strong elements of both folktale and comedy, although its subject matter and final scenes are anything but funny. Set in southern Egypt, the film tells the story of a group of people who are led into the desert by a strong-minded man who wants them to live far from the greed and corruption of civilized society. Years later, when the leader has become old and weak, a mysterious visitor coaxes the men of the village away to work in the north where they can make a lot of money. Only the leader and his adolescent grandson Ahmed – who has no desire for wealth – are left in the village with the women and children. Read More »

Jan Svankmajer – Jídlo AKA Food (1992)

Examines the human relationship with food by showing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Read More »

Michel Piccoli – Train de nuit (1994)

The man is seated in the compartment. Alone, he speaks to Lise through his memory. He goes towards the sea. It’s the goal of the travel. There in this big house with a view on the waves, despite Lise not being there, despite her death, he sees her, he is with her. Read More »

Diane Baratier – France (1996)

A young woman gradually locks herself in her fear. Read More »

Dino Risi – Vita coi figli AKA Life With The Kids (1990)

Vita coi figli is a 1990 Italian television film directed by Dino Risi. It marks the screen debut of Monica Bellucci.
The story of one man dealing with an unexpected series of events, discovering his youth once again in the relationship with a much younger woman and finally coming to grips with his age, and the fact that he hasn’t been there for his family like he should have. Read More »

Ilkka Järvi-Laturi – Tallinn pimeduses aka Darkness in Tallinn aka City Unplugged (1993)

Set amidst the political and economic havoc caused by the dissolution of the Soviet Union, City Unplugged is based on a simple premise. During World War II, before the Soviet occupation, Estonia sent its national treasury, $900 million dollars in gold, to Paris for safe-keeping, and now they plan to bring it back. That is, if the Russian mob doesn’t have their way. Russian gangsters have hatched a plan to grab the cash during a city wide blackout of their own making. After cornering the market on candles and flashlights, the mob approaches Tovio, a young engineer at the city power plant, and forcefully recruit him into their scheme. Read More »

Árpád Sopsits – Céllövölde AKA Shooting Gallery (1990)

Three people live together without having anything to do with each other. The macho father used to have a shooting gallery which he had to sell. Yet secretly, he keeps on dreaming about it. Read More »