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Gur Bentwich – Mashehu Totali AKA Total Love (2000)

Three friends concoct the ultimate love drug, TLV, and fall in love with the same woman, Renana. Years later, Renana’s ex-lovers team up to rescue her from an Indian prison. Read More »

Cynthia Wade – Freeheld (2007)

Lieutenant Laurel Hester is dying. All she wants to do is leave her pension benefits to her life partner – Stacie, so Stacie can afford to keep their house. Laurel is told no; they are not husband and wife. After spending a lifetime fighting for justice for other people, Laurel – a veteran New Jersey detective – launches a final battle for justice. Knuckle-biting, dramatic Freeheld chronicles a dying policewoman’s bitter fight to provide for the love of her life. Read More »

Eric Simonson – A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin (2005)

A biography of Poet Norman Corwin, and the events surrounding his powerful radio broadcast commemorating VE Day on May 8, 1945. Read More »

Claude Miller – Un secret AKA A Secret (2007)

A 15-year-old boy unearths a shocking family secret. Read More »

Anne-Sophie Rouvillois – La proposition AKA The Proposal (2009)

This is therefore the latest film shot for the Rohmer Company, a short film of fifteen short minutes, relatively anecdotal in its development but which has at least the merit of reminding us how much Rohmer was the filmmaker of women, never ceasing to film them with grace and nuance. Here it is simply a cut-out, like the ten other shorts in this box set. Yet it is as if one feels a return of Reinette and Mirabelle, in their complicity as in their antagonism; a long introduction follows a discussion they hold on nudity, as a rampart or representation, sliding towards their vision of modesty and puritanism. Read More »

Yoshimitsu Morita – Ashura no gotoku AKA Like Asura (2003)

The ups and downs of the Takezawa family after one of the four daughters found out that their father had been in an unknown love affair. Read More »

Takuya Fukushima – Our Brief Eternity (2009)

In Tokyo, the new type of virus called Emanon has spread out. Once people infected by the virus, they lose their most important person’s memory. Teru, a guy who spends his life lazily, met his previous girlfriend Mio. But she has infected by the virus and forgot about him. Because of the virus, the world has plunged into confusion and it’s been growing as a global pandemic. In the meantime, Teru and Mio restarted their relationship but he also infected and lost the memory about Mio. Tokyo fall into a turmoil and shattered. Teru and Mio ended up in the countryside where they’ve been before. Read More »