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Alejandro Jodorowsky – La danza de la realidad AKA The Dance of Reality (2013)

In a Chilean little town, the son of an uprooted couple, formed by a rigorous communist father and a loving but weak mother, tries to pave his own path in a society that does not understand their Jewish-Ukrainian origins. Read More »

Emmanuel Finkiel – La douleur AKA Memoir of war (2017)

June 1944, France is still under the German occupation. The writer and communist Robert Antelme, major figure of the Resistance, is arrested and deported. His young wife Marguerite Duras, writer and resistant, is torn by the anguish of not having news of her and her secret affair with her comrade Dyonis. She meets a French agent working at the Gestapo, Pierre Rabier, and, ready to do anything to find her husband, puts himself to the test of an ambiguous relationship with this troubled man, only to be able to help him. The end of the war and the return of the camps announce to Marguerite Duras the beginning of an unbearable wait, a slow and silent agony in the midst of the chaos of the Liberation of Paris. Read More »

Jean-Gabriel Périot – Nos défaites AKA Our Defeats (2019)

Périot’s inspired third feature invites French high school students to reenact key scenes from RESUMPTION OF WORK AT THE WONDER FACTORY, WITH THE BLOOD OF OTHERS, Godard’s LA CHINOISE and other 1960s and 70s films which deal with radical politics. These reenactments are intercut with discussions that explore what, if anything, the subjects of these scenes mean to the students now. Both a lesson in film history and a snapshot of the political present, this smart and subtle film proposes an original perspective on the contemporary state of French cinema’s radical past. Read More »

Jeanette Kong – Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China (2014)

Three successful black siblings from Harlem discover their heritage by searching for clues about their long-lost Chinese grandfather, Samuel Lowe.

Retired NBC Universal executive Paula Williams Madison and her brothers, Elrick and Howard Williams, were raised in Harlem by their Chinese Jamaican mother, Nell Vera Lowe. Nell encouraged them to realize the rags-to-riches American dream, resulting in their growth from welfare recipients to wealthy entrepreneurs. In order to fulfill a promise to their mother to connect to her estranged father’s people, they embark on a journey to uncover their ancestral roots. Read More »

Lav Diaz – Ang hupa AKA The Halt (2019)

Madmen control Manila in 2034 after massive volcanic eruptions have plunged Southeast Asia into darkness. Read More »

Michael M. Bilandic – Jobe’z World (2018)

Jobe, a mysterious middle-aged rollerblader, gets blamed for the drug overdose of a super famous A-list actor. Afraid and confused, he spends one bizarre evening skating across the streets of Manhattan, all the while dodging paparazzi, police, and assorted late night weirdos. Read More »

Nathan Silver – The Great Pretender (2018)

The lives of a French theater director, her ex-boyfriend, and the two actors playing them intersect dramatically in this tangled and darkly funny roundelay set in the New York theater world. Read More »