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Igor Drljaca – Tabija AKA The White Fortress (2021)

When a chance encounter brings together two teens from opposite sides of life in post-war Sarajevo, a blossoming romance conceals their desperate and disturbing motives. Read More »

Peter Tscherkassky – Train Again (2021) (HD)

18 years after Kurt Kren produced his third film, he shot his masterpiece 37/78: Tree Again (1978). 18 years after I created my third darkroom film, I embarked on Train Again. This film is an homage to Kurt Kren that simultaneously taps into a classic motif in film history. My darkroom ride took a few years, but we finally arrived: All aboard. —Peter Tscherkassky Read More »

Federico Adorno – Boreal (2022)

Benjamín is finding it hard to adapt to his job and starts behaving erratically—he anxiously awaits the return of the Mennonite leader, but the wait is long. When he finally appears, he says that they must stay on for longer to continue putting up the wire fencing, but Benjamín objects. Read More »

Ming-liang Tsai – Wandering (2021)

This short by Tsai Ming-liang, completed in 2021, was filmed at “the Dune” in Yilan, Taiwan, where the eight films in his Walker series were being shown.

A wordless performance/installation short film from Tsai. Read More »

Santiago Ventura – Ojos grises AKA Grey Eyes (2021)

Official description wrote:
In a post-apocalyptic future, mankind is color blind. A brilliant scientist suddenly dies, leaving his precious briefcase-filled with a highly-addictive synthetic drug that allows people to see colors again-to Ana, a mere 12-year-old girl. Possession of the briefcase makes her the target of a doctor with wicked plans for the drug, and her only hope to escape his pursuit relies on the aid of the dead scientist’s two devoted bodyguards. Together, their epic, perilous journey pivots on a tremendous secret: Ana herself could be the key to salvaging a world in ruins. Read More »

Mariana Saffon – Entre tú y Milagros AKA Between You and Milagros (2020)

Plot: At fifteen, Milagros’ world still revolves around her mother’s affection. This summer an unexpected encounter with death will make her question their relationship, her privilege and her own existence. Read More »

Kamir Aïnouz – Cigare Au Miel AKA Honey Cigar (2020)

Paris, 1993. Selma, 17, grows up in a bourgeois and secular Berber family. After meeting Julien, the dashing young man she’s attracted to, she realizes for the first time how restrictive the rules of her patriarchal family are and how they prevent her from blossoming. As radical Islamism rages in Algeria, her family’s homeland, and her family collapses, Selma discovers the power of her own desire. She’s a fighter. Drawing strength from those closest to her, she begins her quest to become a free woman and follow her own path. Read More »