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  • Tancred Ibsen – Den store barnedåpen AKA The Big Christening (1932)

    1931-1940ComedyDramaNorwayTancred Ibsen

    Unable to find work, Harald (co-director Sissner) babysits for his friend Alvilde’s child when Alvilde heads off each day to her factory job. The child’s father perished at sea, and soon Harald is treating the child very much as his own; having won over her child, Harald then sets his sights on the mother. A huge critical and commercial success, The Big Christening is reminiscent of early Rene Clair both in its inventive use of sound — the opening scene, showing the start of a day at the factory, is practically a symphony of industrial machine sounds — as well as in its portrait of modest working-class lives. The film’s title refers to one of the recurring subplots, dealing with the reluctance of the church to baptize the child of an unmarried woman.Read More »

  • Rasmus Breistein – Brudeferden i Hardanger AKA Bridal Procession In Hardanger (1926)

    1921-1930NorwayRasmus BreisteinRomanceScandinavian Silent CinemaSilent

    This is the 25FPS version with modern orchestral score.

    A true classic of Norwegian cinema, Rasmus Breistein’s Bridal Procession in Hardanger (1926) is not only a high point of the nation’s body of silent film, but also stands as a vital piece in their visual and cultural history. Stunningly shot on location on the fjords of western Norway, the film recreates a rural idyll of 19th century Scandinavian life to tell a compelling melodrama of young love, marriage, class division, and the lure of emigration to brighter lands of new promise.Read More »

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