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Abderrahmane Sissako – Oktyabr AKA October (1993)

Idrissa left Moscow and Ira, who came to this last appointment of lovers to say goodbye. Again, lovers unloved are endless farewell to this house lost in the depths of Moscow. Neighbors who rejected them are also waiting for you outside their door on the night of October.

Ira pregnant. She is worried, doubt and wanders the streets of Moscow. Her lover, Idrissa, an African student, will leave Russia. He finds Ira in his apartment for their last appointment. One last October night that never stops being that of impossible love … Read More »

Abderrahmane Sissako – Rostov-Luanda (1998)

Born in Mauritania and raised in Mali, Abderrahmane Sissako received a scholarship to study film in Moscow, after graduating from school. To learn Russian, he was sent to Rostov on the Don river for an entire year. On the endless train ride from Moscow to Rostov, he met Baribanga, an Angolan student who was going to the same language school. That year, far from home, the two Africans became friends. Almost two decades later, Sissako decides to search for Baribanga. Rostov-Luanda tells two stories, the search for the long-lost friend, that leads to an encounter with present-day Angola. Read More »

Abderrahmane Sissako – La vie sur terre AKA Life on Earth (1998)

In the last days of 1999, after a few shots of a French supermarket, abundant in food and color, we hear Dramane compose a letter home to his father in Mali whom he then visits in the village of Sokolo. He meets the lovely Nana, and there are possibilities. People place long-distance calls from the post office. “Reaching people,” says the postmaster, “is a matter of luck.” Contrasts between Paris and Sokolo – between Mali and France and between Africa and Europe – are underscored by voice-over poems and comments by Aimé Césaire. A man dictates a letter to a brother in France: what is the nature of their hardships? People look for their place on this earth. Read More »