Adélaïde Leroux

  • Bruno Dumont – Flandres AKA Flanders (2006)

    One of the most controversial figures in current French cinema, Bruno Dumont made a dazzling debut with his 1997 film The Life of Jesus (which won the Sutherland Trophy at that year’s Festival) and divided audiences with his metaphysically charged Humanity. Following his American road nightmare Twentynine Palms, Flanders goes back to his roots: it’s at once a return to the introspective register of Jesus… and, like it, a contemplation of his home territory. The characters are a group of young men and women from the Northern French countryside, including farmer Demester (Boidin) and his none-too-exclusive girlfriend Barbe (Leroux). Read More »

  • Guillaume Brac – Le naufragé AKA Stranded (2009)

    Luc goes off on his bicycle to forget his problems. A suit of accidents make him spend the night in a little town of Picardie. He meets Sylvain, who tries to help him, for the best and the worst.Read More »

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