Ah Nian

  • Ah Nian – Love in the City (1997) 

    1991-2000Ah NianChinaDrama

    Embodies the historical views and values ​​of young people born in the 1960s. The Cultural Revolution, a very special and extremely embarrassing era in Chinese history, experienced reform and opening up during its adolescence, but also faced a wave of commodities during its maturity period. On the whole, they are a generation that has not been well developed. The film bureau considered the original title “City Love 1997” to be ambiguous, and proposed to change it to “Winter Love” or “Love in the City.” Since then, the film has undergone nearly a year of modification and waiting. The reflection of the Cultural Revolution is one of the main parts requested by the film bureau. The film was changed again and again, but was not approved, and then the director made a copy of the film privately, and participated in the 45th Spanish San Sebastian Film Festival without obtaining the “Film Release License.”Read More »

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